Types of base oils used in an aromatherapy facials

Getting flawless facial skin is on virtually everyone’s wish list. Though several elements will mar the attainment of this dream for many people, there are equally many solutions now available for flawless skin. Even so, some are harmful to your skin and will herald the start of more grave issues at a later time. The only proven methods of getting flawless facial skin with no side-effects either immediately or in the future lies in facial treatments.

A facial treatment such as that offered by a Manila-based clinic includes a range of massage techniques, equipment, and products to give you radiant, healthy, and clean skin. There are different types of facials, and your choice from the many primarily depends on what you aim to achieve. One of the most popular nowadays is an aromatherapy facial. This not only improves the look and health of your skin. But also has a significant positive impact on your psychological well-being. The psychological and cosmetic effects of an aromatherapy facial lie in the base oil employed for your treatment. The following are the typical base oils used for this facial treatment.

Sesame Oil

This oil is pressed from sesame seeds. It contains considerable amounts of essential fatty acids, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A, E and B. Sesame oil prevents bacterial infections, repairs damaged skin cells, slows down aging and is a natural sunscreen. The oil is best used for facials on those with thinning, dry and mature skin.

Sunflower Oil

This is a palatable oil that is pulled out from the seeds of the sunflower. The oil has a neutral odor and will provide a natural barrier for your skin against germs and toxins responsible for most skin breakouts. Sunflower oil also softens and moisturizes skin while soothing irritation. It contains high amounts of vitamins E, D and A along with unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin. Though mostly used on sensitive skin, sunflower oil is an all-purpose base oil for aromatherapy facials.

Jojoba Oil

This comes from the jojoba plant’s seeds and has a nutty and delicate aroma. Though it is technically a wax rather than an oil, it has powerful moisturizing effects that closely resemble the natural skin oil known as sebum. It will reduce the production of sebum in people who are prone to acne since it causes your body to assume there is already too much oil on the skin. Jojoba oil is readily absorbed and will not clog your skin pores.


Coconut Oil

This is an edible oil harvested from mature coconuts. Most of the oil used in aromatherapy facials is unrefined coconut oil since it retains its original aroma. It also has polyphenols, skin-nourishing fatty acids that are incredibly beneficial for sensitive and acne-prone skin.The world nowadays is undoubtedly quite stressing. Rather than invest in costly massages and psychological treatments, a facial might be all you need. This is inexpensive and offers the added benefit of flawless facial skin while relieving your stress. The old saying that your outsides will reflect your insides is undoubtedly true. An aromatherapy facial is the best choice to guarantee your body’s exteriors, and interiors are in the best possible condition.