The perfect ring for a valentine’s day proposal

Are you planning to propose on Valentine’s Day?. Do you already have an engagement ring that will make her say yes?. Truly, the decision to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage may be a daunting task but you will discover that the search for a perfect ring to propose with is a much more challenging undertaking.

It is undeniable that the key part of any proposal is the engagement ring. Which makes finding and choosing the perfect one of utmost importance. But, how do you find this perfect engagement ring for a Valentine’s Day proposal?. Read on to know more about engagement rings so you can make an informed decision when you search for your own perfect hoop.

Ring styles

Generally, the first question you’ll be asked when you walk into the jewelry shop is what style of engagement ring you are looking for. This means you need to brush up on your knowledge of ring styles.

There are three major style categories for engagement rings. Specifically the classic, the vintage or vintage-inspired, and the modern and alternative styles.

The classic engagement ring styles are the more popular ones. You’ll find these versatile ring styles in almost every jewelry shop. Which feature assortments of solitaire, three-stone, and cluster-basket or halo ring styles or you can get custom made engagement rings at Certified Diamond Network for a Valentine proposal.

Vintage or antique rings are inspired by periods and eras such as the Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, Retro, Baroque, and Art Nouveau periods.

Modern ring styles have innovative and contemporary looks. These bespoke items, however, may be a bit tricky to pair with wedding rings.

Centre Stones

Traditionally, men seek engagement rings that feature a top class metal band. Preferably in gold or platinum, with a single precious stone mounted in the centre, typically a clear diamond. This is because it is often expected of an engagement ring to feature a precious stone. Although this is not a hard and fast rule.

Clear white diamonds are the most popular stones used. But coloured diamonds and other precious gemstones can also be used. If proposing with a diamond engagement ring. Some important factors to consider includes the cut, which not only influences the cost of the ring but also the type of setting you’ll need. The more flawless the engagement ring cut, the better it will reflect light and the more beautiful it will sparkle. The round brilliant is the most popular shape, but if you want to flaunt those diamonds then the emerald cut is highly recommended.

Precious Metals

The different types of precious metal used not only differ aesthetically but in quality as well. Gold, silver, and platinum are popular choices. Yellow gold is a classic favorite, but currently gaining popularity are the white gold and rose gold options. Choosing a metal that will fit your future fiancé’s lifestyle is a must and durability should be a top priority. In addition, you should choose a ring that looks good with her other jewelry pieces so you’re sure that she will wear it.

Right Size

Probably one of the most difficult elements to decipher, especially if you’re keeping this Valentine’s Day proposal a secret from your partner. So, find a way to borrow one of her rings. Possibly through a close friend sworn into secrecy, and get one based on that ring size. If you’re unsure between two sizes, it is recommended to go for the larger one. If you get it wrong, you can have the ring adjusted and resized by a jeweler for a fee.