How to do a spa day at home

spa day at home

Not everyone can afford to go to an expensive spa resort or visit a spa regularly – some people do not have enough money, others do not have enough time. But that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the pleasure – you can have a spa day at home, too. Here’s how to choose the … [Read more…]

10 ideas to occupy the empty space in the kitchen

empty space in the kitchen

Not always the kitchen is created by design project, taking into account all the nuances. In most cases, the owners do the repairs themselves, leaving too little free space, for example, for cabinets or appliances. There’s nothing wrong with empty corners in the kitchen. Some hostesses even prefer not to occupy them, so that the … [Read more…]

Artistic Gift Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

This article features gift ideas for a bridal shower. Artistic gifts are always a good idea for the bride and groom. They can be used as decoration or to make memories with friends and family. Gifts to Show Your Affection with a Personal Touch There are many ways to show someone you care about them. … [Read more…]

7 ways you could be damaging your back


80% of us experience back pain at some point in our lives. While back pain may develop naturally with age, it’s most often the result of bad habits that could lead to unnecessary strain on the spine or back muscles. Here are just 7 ways in which you could be damaging your back and what … [Read more…]

Taking care of your skin!

taking care

Taking Care of Your Skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it works hard to protect you!. It protects your internal  organs and prevents dirt from making its way into your bloodstream. On top of its practical role, your skin can also have a profound impact on your overall appearance. So, it’s important … [Read more…]

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