How to put the love back into your relationship

In the beginning, it might have been all sunshine and rainbows. 

With hearts overflowing with love for one another, you might have assumed this glorious honeymoon period would never end.

And then things might have changed, with the various stresses and strains of life. And with the busy lives you both lead away from one another, that love you both had might have grown cold. Now, instead of sunshine and rainbows, your relationship might resemble dark clouds and bland mundanity instead.

If you are relating to this, then something has to change. You both need to work on the relationship before those feelings of love disappear in their entirety, and one of you is served with divorce papers. And if you think i’m being harsh with that last point, know that statistically, half of marriages do end up dissolving. Don’t let this happen within your relationship.

Put the love back into your relationship by following these suggestions.

Take better care of yourself

Take time out to relax and distress yourself. As you might only become snappy and irritable with your partner if you don’t. And spend more time focusing on your hygiene and appearance, as while your partner should still love you regardless of how you look. Being well-cared-for you can do much to ignite those much-needed sparks of passion between you. So, add more self-care into your day, as you will then be in a better place to care for your relationship.

Treat your partner well

Compliment him on his looks when he makes an effort to present himself to you. Be patient with him when he does something that starts to irritate you. Surprise him with a gift from time to time. And take every appropriate opportunity to brush your hand against his, to snuggle up to him, and to kiss him tenderly. In your day-to-day life, you might have neglected to do some of these things, and he might have neglected them too. But when you make the effort to treat your partner well in such ways. He should hopefully return the same considerations to you.

Make time for your partner

And when we say time, we mean quality time, and not just the occasional five minutes before you rush out of the door. Schedule in time to be with him. Even if that means turning down a night out with the girls, or sending the kids off to their grandparents. You see, if you don’t make that time, then your relationship will start to struggle. So, carve out time on your calendar for date nights. Remove anything from your schedule that doesn’t have to be a priority. And when you’re naturally at home together, be together. Instead of drifting apart because of the lure of the TV or your smartphones. 


Show him you love him with words and actions

You are already doing this by following the other suggestions, but there is more you can do. Tell him you love him at every opportunity, and show your love for him by wearing the outfits he likes. Making the meals he enjoys, and doing those things in bed that you know turn him on. And think back to when you first met and the things you used to do to woo him and show him your love. Do those things again, as the spark of love might be reignited if you do.

So, what do you think?. I hope these ideas have been useful, but let me know if you have anything to add to this post in your comments below.