10 ideas to occupy the empty space in the kitchen

Not always the kitchen is created by design project, taking into account all the nuances. In most cases, the owners do the repairs themselves, leaving too little free space, for example, for cabinets or appliances. There’s nothing wrong with empty corners in the kitchen. Some hostesses even prefer not to occupy them, so that the room seemed more spacious. However, if your main goal is to create an ergonomic interior, or the room is not big enough to accommodate all the necessary furniture and devices should think about how to usefully occupy the empty space in the kitchen.

Idea 1: Hang shelves

A versatile way to occupy the empty space in the kitchen and at the same time increase the functionality of the kitchen, are shelves. You can choose straight or corner, large or small, in the color of the walls or contrasting. You need to choose depending on the style of the kitchen and on how much empty space is left, where it is located.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that open shelves, although they make the interior lighter, airy, can also severely damage the environment by creating visual noise. Make sure that there is always order, and try to arrange on the shelves beautiful dishes that match the style of the kitchen. For example, if you have a Scandinavian interior, use white cups and saucers or transparent storage containers with wooden lids. You can also put a small pot with a houseplant on the shelf to add a cozy touch.

Idea 2: Put a freezer on the shelf

If you like to make stuff for the winter, and you don’t have enough room in your fridge freezer, it makes sense to install a freezer. There you can store jam, canned vegetables, etc. However, you should immediately think about how to connect the device to the power grid. It is good if there is a free outlet nearby. If not, then the idea with the freezer will not work – lead extension cords from other outlets and overload the electrical system in the apartment is not worth it.

Idea 3: Move the dining table

Sometimes you have to do the dining area in the living room because there is not enough space in the kitchen. If you have a corner free, however, try to move the table and chairs there. Not enough space for a few stools? You can buy a popular pouffe-transformer 5in1. When assembled, it will fit freely under the table and will not interfere with moving around the kitchen. And when it’s time for lunch or dinner, the pouf transforms into five comfortable stools in a matter of moments.

Occupy the empty space in the kitchen

Idea 4: Equip a hobby or study area

An empty corner would be perfect for a hobby area. A reclining table and a small pouffe can be placed there to draw or do crafts. It is also a great place for a small library – you just need to hang a few shelves, put a small shelf or use a compact hanging unit. Another interesting solution is to put a cabinet in the kitchen. All you need is a tabletop, an armchair and a laptop computer. This option will especially appeal to people living in small studio apartments, where the kitchen is combined with the living room

Idea 5: Put an indoor flower

Few hostesses keep flowers in the kitchen, so afraid that they may be infested with pests, which will not allow you to keep the kitchen perfectly clean and orderly. But if you love houseplants and take good care of them, you can afford to put a plant in a large cachet in the corner of the room. Choose unpretentious in the care of a flower, which will normally “treat” to temperature changes and lack of light, because in the corner is often not enough sunlight. You can also buy sanitary plants, which improve the microclimate in the apartment and clean the air. The category of such indoor flowers includes ficus, dracena, chlorophytum, sansevieria and others.

Idea 6: Put up a shelving unit

Sometimes the available cabinets are not enough to place all the necessary dishes and kitchen utensils. In some cases, open shelves save the situation, but if those aren’t enough either, think about buying a narrow shelving unit. It has no doors, and sometimes the walls, so it will not look as massive as a sideboard, for example. Can’t find furniture that fits the dimensions? Order a custom piece to your own size. Also, this option will work if the corner of the kitchen has an unusual shape.

On the rack you can store not only dishes, but also books, souvenirs, vases and other small items, for which there was no place in the bedroom or living room. Another good idea is to turn the rack into a corner to store small appliances (blender, coffee maker, electric kettle) or kitchen utensils (spatulas, knives in a stand, etc.).

Idea 7: Organize a place for your pet

Do you have a cat or dog? Then you can put an anti-slip mat in the corner, put food and water bowls on it, and hang a shelf on the wall above for food supplies. This way, you won’t have to waste time trying to find the coveted jar of supplies in an overhead cabinet – they’ll always be on hand.

Idea 8: Arrange things for guests

If you are a very hospitable person, but the size of the apartment does not allow for the necessary number of chairs, you can buy a few folding chairs and place them in the corner, they will not take up much space. When friends or relatives come to visit you, get spare furniture, so that a large company can be seated at the dining table.

Idea 9: Put up a children’s easel

If you have a child at home who is into creativity, a corner of the kitchen can be left for him or her. Put a child’s easel there and let the kid draw when he’s in the mood. Most of the time the floor in the kitchen is tile, which is very easy to clean up with crayons and paint. And on the wall in that corner, you can organize a gallery of children’s artwork. Your son’s or daughter’s drawings would be the best decor for an apartment where a child lives.

Idea 10: Place a small sofa or chair

This can be a regular small sofa, a built-in nook, a bench with a mattress, a couch, a bench seat – in general, any soft furniture for which there is enough free space. With the chosen piece of furniture is not only easy to solve the problem of filling the void, but also appears to be an additional place to rest, read and even work, if you’re used to doing tasks with your phone or netbook.

Instead of a sofa, you can install a soft chair. If the area allows, complement it with a small table, such as a recliner, cushion, plaid, a basket of books or magazines, depending on what you like to read at leisure. As with the sofa, the chair in the corner will turn into a cozy relaxation area. And when friends come to visit, it can also be used as additional seating.