Perfect anniversary gifts for that special person

anniversary gifts

Anniversaries, particularly wedding anniversaries, are generally regarded as important occasions. Where people will pull out all the stops to ensure their loved ones get a gift that is well received and treasured. Flowers are the first thing that comes to mind when anniversary gifts are mentioned. But there are a whole host of other gifts/ideas … [Read more…]

How to put the love back into your relationship


In the beginning, it might have been all sunshine and rainbows.  With hearts overflowing with love for one another, you might have assumed this glorious honeymoon period would never end. And then things might have changed, with the various stresses and strains of life. And with the busy lives you both lead away from one … [Read more…]

How to look for love

look for love

Everyone wants to find love. Love is something we are all looking for in one way or another. We all have different personalities and attitudes, and this means that our tastes vary wildly. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, everyone wants to be understood and to feel like they matter and are loved. Here … [Read more…]

Tips for making your style more unique to you

style unique

Tips For Making Your Style More Unique. Seeing the latest style trends emerge each season is an exciting time for a fashion lover, especially when you fall in love with different looks and details. After investing in all of the right must-haves, you feel a million dollars strutting down the street… until you see three … [Read more…]

How strength training empowers women

strength training

How Strength Training Empowers Women. Thanks to a surge in awareness, many a fitness movement has inspired ladies all over the globe to infuse their lives with healthy exercise routines. However, many women still fret that strength routines will lead to a bulky physique, so they steer clear of the weight room. From getting a … [Read more…]

Quick and easy recipes for busy weeknights.