Why Is Your Skin Acne-Prone In Summer?

Why Is Your Skin Acne-Prone In Summer

Everybody knows that your skincare routine needs to adjust to the changing weather. In winter, your skin needs protection against the harsh and cold weather. Therefore, you are more likely to use rich creams and lotions during the colder months of the year. In summer, it’s all about sunscreen protection and freshness.

But sunburns aren’t the only risk your skin is facing this summer. Indeed, you might have noticed that your complexion is a little duller than usual when the weather gets hot. Sure, you might get a light tan, but your skin feels shiny in places. You’ve even noticed a few zits appearing along your hairline and on your chin. One thing is for you, you haven’t gone back in time and reached puberty again! 

Why is your summer skin prone to develop acne? It seems unfair. It is the season to go natural and make the most of the sunny weather. But your skin has something else in mind. If you are struggling with acne on your face, your decolletage, and your arms in summer, you should give these handy tips a try! 

Hot sun and acne

Because your pores are clogged up 

First, let’s start with the obvious. Summer is a season for sweating. Yes, it is gross, but it is always true. Your body uses perspiration to regulate its temperature. When the weather gets hot, your body needs to cool down. Unfortunately, as it does, you can get those unpleasant sweat stains under your armpits.

Don’t be fooled, though. Using an antiperspirant deodorant can avoid the pit shame, but it doesn’t stop your body from sweating altogether. By the end of the day, the perspiration process can lead to clogging up your pores, which is why you are likely to notice zits on your face or your cleavage. However, you can reduce the risks of clogged up pores by switching your tight summer outfits for floaty women’s tunics that let your body breathe. It will decrease body perspiration. Additionally, if you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to use a skin-friendly soap that helps to cleanse your pores gently. You can’t stop your body from sweating, but you can make sure it doesn’t block your pores. 

Because you’re more likely to indulge in sugary food

What can a little ice cream do, right? For more people, our consumption of ice creams skyrockets through the roof in summer. Admittedly, it’s a surprise to nobody. Ice creams are refreshing and yummy. One thing they are also is full of sugar, because, let’s be honest, who is going to stick to sugar-free sorbets? Sugar, unfortunately, is directly linked to the production of sebum, which can cause acne breakouts. Yep, the delicious unicorn-flavor ice cream with glitter dust might be a wonderful Instagram photo, but it’s going to affect your skin. 

Your Insta-friendly ice-cream ruins your skin

Sun irritation can lead to rashes and acne 

Mild sunlight allergy is a common condition that can cause an itchy rash on your skin. Combined with perspiration and scratching, you might find yourself developing unpleasant acne patches.  Using sunscreen protection is the only way to tackle the allergic reaction. 

Are you ready to change your skin regime this summer? Most cases of summer acne disappear once you’ve addressed the cause. Whether your pores are clogged up or your ice cream obsession is affecting your skin health, a small change of habits can completely transform your body! 

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