When Sadness Fills Your Heart

When Sadness Fills Your Heart

When Sadness Fills Your Heart. You meet people everyday but then you meet someone you have all these things in common with. You start talking everyday or then to say sometimes every minute of the day and then you finally confirm those feelings you have that they are real. Sharing parts of yourself you don’t always share with others then boom!. That person starts pushing you away day by day. You ask questions you can’t get answers to. You start feeling a pit in your stomach you can hardly eat and your sleeping restlessly.

Texting gets less and less you try to understand and  try to be patient but then still no answers. Ok there comes an apology and you accept that apology but you state that actions speak louder than words. You then feel that this person is gonna prove them self that they are truly sorry. But then the same things  starts happening hours after. How can you feel, what response can you give?. That pit in your stomach starts getting deeper and deeper and you don’t know what else to do.

You feel betrayed and you try to have some fun with family. That works for a time until you come home and then there i still no texts on your phone no response nada!!. What else to do what else to say what else to think. Is it your fault? Are you saying the wrong things? Are you jumping the gun?. What can you do to feel better.

The one person that can fix it is not there they are ignoring you. Sadness fills your heart. Everything you wished for in a person you found that but then there is everything that’s happening. Wanting to cry wanting to burst but you can’t because you don’t want anyone asking questions. Will it be another hurt or will it all workout?. What’s happening?!? Really you don’t know. How did we get here?. Is everything going to go back to normal like before or not?.

You can only ponder and think and wait. The pit will not leave your stomach its getting worst! How will you survive the night without not knowing?.

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  • Reply Autum

    Ohhh I love this!!!! I think we have all been here or felt like this before ? keep writing m because your writing is excellent!!

    November 27, 2018 at 5:08 pm
  • Reply Antoinette

    I have been there and it’s a terrible feeling. The wonderful thing is that time heals this sort of situation. I healed by doing those things that were healthy for my wellbeing, including removing toxic people from my life.

    November 28, 2018 at 11:30 pm
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