What are my goals/dreams in life?

What are my goals/dreams

What are my goals/dreams?. Hey guys, we all have goals and dreams right? Sometimes we think they can’t come through or sometimes we work at it and fail. But let me tell you keep pushing. Because maybe when you feel you need success that’s not when it comes, God’s timing is not our timing.

I have a lot of goals and dreams hopefully it can all fit into a summary without being too long!!

From a little girl growing up i have always wanted to help people with the same condition as i have or people with similar conditions. Having a foundation that donates and helps people with kidney problems/disease, this has been a dream of mine. In my country if you don’t have resources or know people most times your ideas just die with you. This is a dream of mine to help people like this. Want to know more about me and my story you can read it HERE

Also helping young adolescence and mentoring them into the right path and giving advice and also answering questions they need answered.

Another dream of mine is having my own cafe where old and young people can come and hang with their friends. While enjoying the services that i have to offer.

Being successful and getting my degree while encouraging and advising others.

I wont say I want to travel the world but there are a few places that i want to see and some i want to revisit because I visited as a child. Now that I am an adult i’m sure the experience would be even greater now.

Almost every girl has their dream of getting engaged and getting married. Having a family and even owing their dream car. I won’t get into that one but its on my list of course and most of all always praising God and making him the forefront of my life.

I also want to write a book. I’m still not positive on what topic to write on. If there is something you would like to see me put in a book. Let me know.

I have been pondering starting youtube from 2013 lol. I eventually posted a video about a month or two ago then deleted it, because it thought it was silly. Many have told me to start and even do fashion posts, especially from my birthday outfit that i posted. All in due time i will. I need to get a lot in order first and get a better quality phone or a camera any one that comes.

And of course how could i forget seeing, my blog successful and thriving. Just  knowing i am helping others out their and that my advice, my health post or beauty post helps someone or gives them ideas makes me feel good.

So yea guys these are my goals and my dreams. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired you to create a post from this. Or even think of what your goals and dreams are if you haven’t thought about it.

What are my goals/dreams
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