Unplanned Moments Are Always Better

Unplanned Moments Are Always Better

Unplanned Moments Are Always Better than planned moments. Having that moment where you see someone you have not seen in a long while or meeting someone you never thought you would have met. I recently had an experience I have never had before.

For all those who keep up with me you loves know I have a small beauty store. I don’t fully have my own store so I rent space in a salon so I can be able to accommodate my customers. A friend of mine from high school she works as a hair stylist there. One day she went downstairs and met a lady who wanted to get her hair done. She carried her back upstairs and introduced her to another hairstylist who could do the style she wanted.

She saw the makeup brand Sacha and asked where I got them from, I told her from the distributor. I was also getting my hair done too after she got her hair washed she was talking to the stylist and the stylist told her the products were mine. She started questioning me and she eventually bought a lipstick.

After she said your so petite how old are you?. When I told her I only herd when she said, i’m gonna set you up with my nephew. I opened my eyes wide in shock lol. I told her I wasnt really interested in relationships right now seen as i recently got out of one. So she repeated what i said then went on to say he’s such an age is that ok. I told her the person i was dating was older than that so yes that age is ok. After that she went on to showing me pics of her nephew and then she said. It will be a long distance relationship because he’s not from here but he’s currently visiting.

I said ok and that was it. Everyone pushed me to give her my number for her nephew and I decided well no harm no fowl. She called her ride and told them to take him when they were coming for her to meet me. Unfortunately that didn’t happen about fifteen minutes later I saw this familiar face at the door way. I opened my eyes so wide in shock not believing that she actually sent him. He came inside and started talking to my friend not knowing who he was coming to. My friend then said to him i’m not Kerona then i said I am. He introduced himself and everything then said we would talk. The next morning we started texting. The next day he spent the whole day with me at work!. It was a wonderful day talking with each other.

The next day he was going back home. Which was sad although we just met. To my surprise like I told his aunt I was not looking for a relationship right now to my surprise he said the same thing. Which was just fine by me. You know normally just meeting someone you would be nervous and jittery around that person.That was not the case I felt comfortable and we talked like we knew each other for a while.

He’s my guy best friend we talk about anything and he always has great advice and pushes me to be better. Sometimes you don’t need a relationship you just need a friend. People who had seen us together on the road stopped me after he left saying we looked like the perfect couple. All i could do was laugh. When I told them we are just friends they thought I was lying lol.

He’s an awesome friend who always has something encouraging to tell you. and convos with him are the best. I’m someone who loves a person who can hold a good convo. It’s good when you have great people around you.

Who would have thought I would have met him. That’s why I think that Unplanned Moments Are Always Better. Every person you meet or encounter with in life happens for a reason. You may not see the reason why right now but it will always come to light. Some people are just lessons in your life passing through while some are there to stay permanently in your life. Sometimes Coffee sometimes tea. You can’t always have things the way you want it to be. Sometimes the opposite happens and you wonder why. Never question God’s plans.

Have you ever had an unexpected moment like this?. What was your unplanned moment like?. Do you rather planned moments or unplanned moments?.

Unplanned Moments Are Always Better


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  • Reply Hannah

    This is so true! What a great post and story! Unplanned moments turn out to be the most special.

    July 6, 2018 at 8:27 am
  • Reply Mica

    Oh how wonderful that ended up so sweet for you both and you both got a lovely friendship out of it! 🙂 It’s funny how things work out like that sometimes, you never know what’s planned for your life! 🙂

    Hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    July 7, 2018 at 2:52 am
  • Reply Katja

    Such a lovely story and so true!

    Have a lovely weekend dear <3

    July 7, 2018 at 2:59 pm
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