Toms Of Maine Natural Deodorant

Toms Of Maine

Toms Of Maine deodorant is the number one #1 natural deodorant on the market. Their overall brand is a wonderful brand. What are my thoughts?.

This natural deodorant has no artificial fragrances or preservatives, no aluminium and no parabens. Its said to have 24 hr odor protection, it’s long lasting. I bought the scent wild lavender. The scent was one of the first things that I loved about this deodorant. If your ever in the deodorant isle do smell it, the smell will make you want to purchase it. I’m sure most of you know how lavender smells. Picture in your head the smell of lavender with a mixture of fresh scents.

Toms Of Maine Wild Lavender

To me the deodorant didn’t last 24 hrs. When transitoning into natural deodorants, i learnt that it takes a time for your body to get usto it. I use it at night time and use normal deodorant during the days, however if i am at home i’ll use the natural deodorant. The first time I wore it out of the house it lasted me all day the next time it failed me, the day was extra hot. I do have sweaty pits so that makes it worst.

Although i do have sweaty pits my sweat odor isn’t high so noone would really notice. But because i know it bothered me all afternoon luckily i had a scented body oil in my bag and used it. As i continually use it I realize that it’s been lasting me longer and longer so i guess my body is getting usto it.

Lately, i’ve been reaching for more natural products to purchase and i must say I don’t regret trying the Toms Of Maine deodorant. I’ll always repurchase and maybe even try new scents. Also i’m open to trying other natural brands of deodorant. And i’ll be sure to share my thoughts with you loves.

Overall this is a wonderful deodorant especially because its Aluminium free. It lasts long but for me it doesn’t last as long for me going around doing errands all day because i have sweaty pits. If you don’t have sweaty pits i know this will last you all day and keep you smelling fresh. Trust me loves you won’t regret your purchase.

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