The Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle. Happy Wednesday guys!! how has your week been so far? Welcome to another health tip Wednesday, hope you enjoy!!

In these times and ages everyday there is a new drug on the market to cure an illness or disease. Which has soo much side effects and causes you other health issues.

We all need to take our health seriously to keep going. Working working and not taking care of your health puts you no where but giving you doctor bills on top of bills to pay.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important by:

Exercising: having some form of exercise daily is important whether its doing some jumping jacks, taking a jog, riding your bike or even using an exercise machine or going to the gym. No matter how busy your schedule is or your workload is, find the time to exercise. If you don’t want to exercise daily every other day is fine. Set goals for yourself and do them. Create a routine for yourself and you can even change your routine monthly or every couple of months to keep things interesting.

Healthy Lifestyle

Having a daily serving of fruits is important too in helping you to keep your immune system going and gaining a good amount of vitamin C which helps in fighting colds and flu. You can have a fruit salad or even do a fruit smoothie, which ever tickles your fancy :). If your on the go you can also do fruit infused water by adding your fav fruits to your water. Which can be really refreshing and delicious. Fruits can be had anytime of day not only morning time. It can be a side salad to your lunch, dinner or just a dessert after dinner. It is also good for you to have fruits the last thing before you go to bed instead of having a heavy meal or sandwich, having the fruits before bed helps to settle the stomach and gives your system less work to do while sleeping.

Healthy Lifestyle

Its also important to have your daily portion of vegetables is equally important as having your fruits. Having a diet rich in vegetables reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer etc. you get nutrients from vegetables like fiber, potassium and folate (folic acid ) just to name a few, it helps in loosening the bowels to pass it freely and reduces constipation.

Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep is so important and vital to your health, getting rest helps to reduce anxiety and makes you feel energized and ready for your day. Lack of sleep can make you feel miserable, feel down and for some start feeling depressed. As the saying says all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Working working and not getting enough rest makes no sense because when you do that. Your degrading your immune system and making it weak. Put your health before every and anything in your life.

Also in keeping up with your health you need to do your regular and yearly check with your doctor whether its dental, optical or doing your blood works to see if everything is OK with you. I cannot stress enough about how important it s to take care of your health and life a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living doesn’t only mean internal but also external so papering yourself from time to time is great.

I hope you enjoyed health tip Wednesday guys. Don’t forget to share and subscribe if you haven’t. have a lovely day.

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