Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness


Your Happiness matters always. Stop letting others steal your joy. At the end of the day is it worth letting people steal your joy and your happiness?. If you feel as if you’re not happy there must be reasons why you feel that way. Firstly you need to figure out why and then you can take things from there.

Steps To A Happier Life

Fake it till you make it

You may be wondering why on Gods earth would I do that. Sometimes you have to tell yourself little lies and convince yourself until you start believing its true. You ever hear the saying some people are such liars that they even start believing their own lies?. In this scenario you just have to lie to yourself that you’re happy and reflect that happiness until you start believing that you are. And when you start doing that then whatever you reflect that’s what you will get in return.


Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself that you deserve happiness and that way you won’t settle. Some may think they don’t deserve happiness but where ever you got that from please erase it from that cranium of yours. We all deserve happiness. Don’t blame others around you for mistakes that have been made. You’re the one who determines your happiness and remember self love is the best love.

Be Forgiving

You will never be truly happy if you don’t forgive those who have wronged you or hurt you in the past. You have to let things go and set your mind at ease and be free to let in true happiness in your life. They say forgive and forget, some will forgive but they’ll never forget and thats where we all go wrong. Forgetting is going to be hard but you will have to try. It’s all apart of the process towards being happy.

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    This is a great post Kerona. I’m learning to forgive myself more and I love the progress so far.

    May 16, 2019 at 4:30 pm
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