Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer

Have you ever herd about these Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer?. Before i received it in my latest subscription box I had never herd about this company or product before. What caught my attention was the smell. I am a sucker for scents and this honey blossom scent smells wonderful.

I actually didn’t believe that I could get five uses from it until I used it and proved it for myself. These Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer is perfect for travelling especially when going on vacation or a weekend get away. The scent also lingers on your body when you use it. In my opinion this is perfect all year round but especially perfect for summer time. You don’t have to pack body wash plus wash cloth plus body scrub. This one product covers everything and the plus is they smell amazing. This buffer is used for cleansing, exfoliating, massage and nourishing the body.

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer

In my opinion you can still bring a wash cloth especially for the females to wash up your vaginal area but other wise you don’t need to bring a scrub or body wash because everything is all in one buffer. Isn’t that amazing. They even have buffers that has more than 5+ uses they even have buffers that has 14+ uses. Some are round while some are shaped like flowers and some shaped out like stars. Also they have many different scents. I’m totally interested in trying new scents.

Not only do they cater to females but they also cater to kids and also men. They have the romanticism collection, the spongology collection and they even have a zodiac collection. With their zodiac collection you have different scents for people who rule under different signs.

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer

After showering with this buffer it leaves me smelling fresh and my skin feels so soft and smooth. When I use this product I find that I keep smelling myself just to smell how fresh I smell after using these spongelle buffers. With the many scents they have I may not even know which scent to try next. Not only do they have body buffers but they also have their own line of body lotions in the same scent as the buffers. I am really interested in trying more products from their collection.

If you have used this brand before do let me know down in the comments below. Have you ever tried any of these products before?. If so, did you like it?. Would you repurchase it or recommend it to your friends or family?.  Also what body products have you been loving lately?. What are your go to products for summer time. Whats your favourite kind of scent?. Do you like fresh scents, floral, fruity or musky scents.

Overall i’m loving this spongelle body buffer and yes I would repurchase it.



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  • Reply Takiyah Louise

    Nice read. I too received a Spongelle product in a beauty box subscription. I received a flower shaped one in the Freesia Pear scent & it smells so, so, so amazing! Kinda fruity, kinda sweet. Your post just reminded me to use it soon.

    June 22, 2018 at 5:59 pm
    • Reply Mssparkleandglow

      thank you!! i can just imagine how wonderful it smelled

      June 22, 2018 at 10:26 pm

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