Relationship advice and dating

Relationship advice

Hey there loves today I will be talking about Relationship advice and dating.   Relationships aren’t easy, you have happy times, sad times, you have arguments, you make up. Life is not spotless, arguing may sometime occur but at the same time know what to say and when to say it. This just goes to show no one is perfect none of us in this world is perfect. We make mistakes and then we ask for forgiveness. Yes I know some wrongs can’t be forgiven easily but put yourself in the other persons shoe because you would want to be forgiven too.

Never say things out of anger because you just might regret it for the rest of your life. Before you say things you don’t mean sit and calm down and talk things out instead of saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Relationship advice

Sometimes you might feel stressed and because stressed spelt backwards is dessert we gear towards eating chocolate, cake and ice cream and all the comfort food we could find. What you could do is have some yogurt and top it with berries and granola that’s a more healthy option.   Men will be always men they are stubborn at times and they don’t listen. They think they know it all, but at the same time it goes for us as girls too. We are very stubborn when we want to be and I am also speaking for myself because this is the truth!. I am not only putting the males on blast us as females need to be put on blast at times too!.   

Never play the blame game because it never ends well and pointing will never solve an argument. When you are wrong say you are wrong and apologize if needs be.

Never let your ego stop you from apologizing or admitting you are wrong. So many time people let their egos get in the way and ruin a good relationship.  

Sometimes couples go through a rough patch don’t push away each other. To relieve the stress you could both go to the gym and work out together or do workouts at home.  

Exercising together helps to relieve a lot of stress.   In a relationship you need these things in it to make it work. I’m not saying it’s gonna be smooth sailing but adding these things in your relationship will help in improving it:  

  • God
  • Love
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Communication

If you can’t laugh about any and everything together this means that there is room for improvement. Or the person just isn’t the one for you.   As the old saying goes “There’s a time to laugh, a time to cry and a time for everything under the sun”.   Without these things in your relationship things will never work.   You may have been hurt in the past and betrayed by many but you at least need to try to do whats best and leave the past in the past. Pray about it if you need to and leave everything in Gods hands. In everything you do consult with God.  

Don’t forget to pamper each other and love each other more and more as the days go by. Give each other massages, surprise each other unexpectedly with small gifts, and remember it’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t need to be a specific occasion to tell your other half that you love them or how special they are to you.   Let each other know that each person is a rear treasure, let each other feel wanted and loved. As the saying says “You scratch my back I scratch yours”.  

Be there for each other both in good and bad times because life is too short to argue all the time. Everyone’s opinion is different so value each other’s opinion and respect each other.  

Spice things up in your relationship, by leaving little notes for each other. Whether it by sending him/her a text or leaving a note in each other’s bag or somewhere where its visible to eye. Also remember that communication is the key in any and every relationship.  

What is your opinion on this article about relationship advice and dating?  What are some of the things that you do to keep your relationship going?

Do you think you have a perfect relationship?

What advice would you give to a person who is in a new relationship or their first time in a relationship?

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