Reduce Salt in your diet, Your body will thank you

Reduce Salt in your diet
Reduce Salt in your diet. Reducing your salt intake is very important and vital for your health. Having a lot of salt in your diet can cause a lot of this to occur with your health.
 Having too much salt in your diet can cause kidney stones and gall stones, when your salt intake is high it forms crystals in your system which turns into stones, the size can increase over time, this can result in extreme pain and discomfort. The stones can be passed out naturally or be surgically removed.
Having too much salt in your diet can cause you to develop high blood pressure which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Too much salt in the diet gives your kidneys more work to do which puts a strain on it.
Reduce your salt intake, cut down on the salty snacks and high sodium foods that you eat. Instead of adding more salt to your fries or meal when having it, have it just as it is. Use products that are low in sodium. Use more herbs and spices in your meals instead of using so much salt. Your food will still have a lot of flavor even if you don’t use so much salt. Herbs and spices give your food more flavor than salt anyway. Have more home cooked meals instead of eating out so much.  Try your best to keep as healthy as possible and use less salt in your diet your body will thank you.
Instead of having store bought snacks at time make your own snacks at home and limit the amount of salt that you use. If you’re looking for healthier and delicious snacks to have you can have a look at Pinterest. There are a lot of snacks and healthier choices you can make. Try to have at least 8 glasses of water each day in helping to flush the system and remove unwanted toxins in the body.
Cutting down on salt in your diet can help your diet to improve drastically and also improve your overall health. Try to make better choices when it comes to your health. Because you have only one life to live so take care of it as much as you can. Exercise regularly.
In removing Kidney stones and gall stones naturally is you use half cup of extra virgin or pure olive oil and the juice of one lemon or lime mix it together. Drink it and for the day you only have hot broth to break them down so you can pass them out.
There is also a tablet names Cascara Sangrada. It is a laxative that helps in breaking down stones and so you can pass them out naturally instead of having it surgically removed. There are many more benefits of this tablet which you can read about Here.
I am in no way a professional. I’m just sharing my thoughts with you and what I have tried. Consult your doctor or physician.
I hope you found this helpful and informative guys, have a lovely day!!, share with someone.
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