Recovering After a Serious Illness

Recovering After a Serious Illness

Recovering from a serious illness can be frustrating to say the least. Sometimes, it feels as though you are never going to feel normal again and there’s a real chance that you might not. 

But however low you feel, please know that you aren’t alone. Lots of people go through serious illnesses or injuries at some point in their life so you aren’t the only one to feel this way. The other good news is that there are a few things you can do to help your recovery along and give you a chance to feel normal again. 

Get the Help You Need

Rehabilitation takes time but there are lots of professionals who can help you. For example, many people who have had a serious illness really benefit from seeing professionals who can help you regain flexibility, find ways to manage and reduce pain and gradually rebuild your strength. 

But help can also come from your friends and family. Just spending some time together watching films or chatting is a good way to begin to feel more like yourself. It’s an odd feeling to have people over when you aren’t at your best but the most important people in your life won’t mind a bit. This article about supporting ill friends is pretty comprehensive, so if you want to help your friends help you, it’s a good read to share. 

Take Your Time

There are no set rules for recovering from an illness but pushing yourself to recover faster isn’t likely to help. Lots of people make the mistake of forcing themselves back to normal before they are ready and then get worse as a result. It’s hard work, but try to stick within your limits, especially if you are struggling with fatigue. 

It can take weeks to recover properly from any illness and even a two week bout of the flu can take around six weeks. The key is allowing yourself enough bedrest so that your body has the best chance of healing quickly. It might not feel like it but the more time you give your body to rest, the less time it will take to get back to normal. 

Recovering After a Serious Illness

Be Kind to Yourself

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the sofa or in bed recovering when you want to be up and about. The key is to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to a “spa” day with cucumber circles on your eyes, a face mask and a warm bath – then eat the cucumber, it’s good for you! Watch your favorite films. Read a book you’ve had on your list of ages. 

If you can find an online group for people with a similar condition, this could really help you too. Some illnesses mean that we can’t go ‘back to normal’ and we have to find a new kind of normal instead. Finding a support group will give you a place to get good tips, complain to people who understand and have someone to talk to during the day as well. 

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