One Thing To Do Every Morning

One Thing To Do Every Morning

One Thing To Do Every Morning is pray. Starting your day with prayer and talking to God is such a great refresher. Telling him all your plans for the day and your fears. And then at the end of it all he helps you through your day and then you wonder where did the day go.

Prayer is so important because it helps in lifting a lot of burdens when you take it to God. You don’t have to pray out loud for him to hear you. Saying a prayer in your heart is still good enough. However I do think certain things should be said aloud during prayer especially if it’s something that you need to speak into being.

Sometimes you keep praying about the same thing over and over and you feel as if God doesn’t hear you. Listen he hears you but he hasn’t answered your prayer yet because he’s an on time God. And maybe what you want he has something better in store for you.

Remember this God will always know what’s best for you. You may think that’s what you want but that’s not what he wants for you. If your trying to open a door that he doesn’t feel you should open it will never open. At times we pray and ask God for something and when you take a stop something much better comes along and in your darkest hour he shines his light even brighter than you expected.

Don’t give up keep praying and keep talking to God because he hears you. You just have to be patient and wait on him. Your timing will not always be Gods timing.


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