Olay Fresh Outlast White Strawberry And Mint Bodywash

Olay Fresh Outlast White Strawberry And Mint Bodywash

Hey loves!!. The Olay Fresh Outlast White Strawberry And Mint Bodywash is the bomb. First of all the smell is what caught me. It was my mom who actually bought this body wash for herself. I smelled it and I was hooked so I stole it from her.

It’s fruity l but at the same time it has a fresh scent if you get what I mean. My body feels so soft and smooth when I use this body wash.

A little can go a far way and it can last you quite a while. As you lather the body wash the scents starts bursting out more and more. You don’t fully feel the mint but I realize that when I bathe with cold water I feel the freshness more.

Usually I’m not really a fan of fruity scented body washes I love more fresh scents. This was a total game changer for me and my thoughts on fruity scented body washes. I’m in love with this body wash loves. I’ll surely re purchase this product.

One con was that I didn’t smell much of the mint or feel the tingling sensation that most mint body washes would give you.

Have you ever tried this body wash?. What are your thoughts on it?. Would you repurchase it?.

The new year is approaching and I wish you all nothing but the best. Talk to you in the new year loves. Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.

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  • Reply Cris Santos

    Sounds like heaven Happy new year darling xoxo Cris

    January 2, 2019 at 1:11 am
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