Not everyone in life is your true friend

Not everyone in life is your true friend

Not everyone in life is your true friend. Have you ever been in a situation where you are so dear and kind to others and be a good friend to them but in the end they weren’t true to you?. You always encourage them no matter what whether it is a life situation or relationship but it’s not vice versa.

Sometimes you really get to know who your friends are when you talk on certain topics for e.g.: talking about relationships. You find out if they are for you or against you.

Friends are people who are there for you through thick or thin and are honest and true to you whether it’s in front of you or behind you, they will defend you instead of joining the conversation about you.

Be careful who you tell your problems or share your private life with because people can be great pretenders for a very long time. They ask you, are you OK? are you sure? just to know what’s going on in your life then they pass their remarks about you. They smile with you and act like a real friend but then behind you it’s a total different story. Some even make up stuff and say you said it, when you didn’t.  These are some of the things that causes fights, arguments and even result in vexation. Be careful about the things you say in front of certain people because not everyone is real and true.

Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves whether they are true friends or not. In the end you have to make a decision and say, is this person a good friend? Do they deserve my trust?  

Yes it hurts when you are betrayed by others. Always find it in your heart to forgive them so it won’t be a burden on your heart. It’s hard to forget hurtful situations but at least you know in your heart you forgave them and that you don’t hold a grudge against them.

If you have real and true friends guys keep them close and be true to them. Today tell your friends that you love and appreciate them. Let them know how much you care and thank them for being the wonderful friend they are. Because in life not everyone will be true to you. When you have real and true friends don’t throw them away for new ones because the end results is never a good one. Apologize when you’re wrong and work through your misunderstandings. As the saying says Real friends are like diamonds, always treasured always known.  

Thanks for reading loves, hope you enjoyed this post, have a lovely day!!

Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF. And remember Not everyone in life is your true friend

Not everyone in life is your true friend
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