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New relationship advice

New relationship advice. Hey peeps!!! What’s up!!!???  I hope you have a wonderful week and a beautiful day.

In a new relationship everything is new to you when it comes to that person, unless you knew he/she before. Regardless the love is new. You try to do everything under the sun to make that person happy. Making them smile, making them feel like the only guy or girl in the world while getting to know them more day by day.  Always on the phone talking and texting, just enjoying each others company. You even have things to do but instead you just sit there talking and texting like there is no where else in the world you would rather be than being in that given moment.

When you see that special person your heart skips a beat and you feel all the butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. It’s a good feeling isn’t it?. You feel loved, cared for you just feel that connection. You say to yourself wow! I want this to last, I want to always feel this way.

With the relationship being new and all you may feel shy around that person. Sometimes you don’t know what to say or do because your just getting to know them. There is that first kiss, first time making love, a lot of us know what that’s like right!. It’s like the whole world has stopped in that moment, you feel nervous, your hearts racing, a million thoughts going through your head.

You experience a lot of firsts in a new relationship. Which is good because while doing all these things your learning about the person and if he/she is right for you.

What I realize in most relationships after they get too comfortable the little things they us to do has stopped. The time being spent together cuts shorter, then life is being blamed that life has gotten in the way.

My advice to you peeps is whether it’s been a year or more treat your relationship like it has just begun. Do things for him/her that’s unexpected. Surprise your special person once in a while and make them feel loved and appreciated. Never get too comfortable in your relationship. Because sometimes that’s when one partner start noticing differences and arguments and conflicts and sometimes results in cheating. I’m not saying it gives that person the right to cheat but that’s what happens in most cases when things like this happen.

Keep the fire burning in your relationship, whether new or old. I’m not saying you have to do something special or nice every day. I’m saying don’t stop doing little things to make that’s special person in your life feel loved and wanted. Whether it’s sending a lovely voice note or just calling to say you love them because I love you should never be enough when you really and truly love someone.

So today If your in a true relationship whether new or old keep the fire burning. Keep each other in suspense wondering what he/she is going to do next. And no matter how life gets in the way and how busy you may get. Try your best to make time for that special person in your life because time that’s gone can never be regained.

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Have a lovely day guys!.

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