My Experience With Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines is a popular airline to us all. At first it’s name was Air Jamaica then it became Caribbean Airlines. I must say my experience travelling with them was a good one despite they wanted to give me an ss check even though i was already checked. I understand seen as I have not traveled in a while so it was no biggy to me.

Arriving at the airport and going at the check in they were very accommodating and helpful. Going through customs was ok too and the ss check that I did the lady was very friendly and we even talked a little. At first when they told me I was gonna have to do an ss check I got a bit worried of how I would have been handled based on the experiences i’ve hers about. But in the end as i said before the lady was friendly. At the end I had nothing to worry about. The take off was great and the landing was exceptional. The last time I traveled the landing was a bit bumpy but the landing with Caribbean airlines was smooth and we even arrived 15 mins early.

Going through the Fort Lauderdale Airport everyone was very friendly too. The overall service with Caribbean airlines was a good one and not to mention the air hostesses who served everyone. Unfortunately I did not get their names to give them a shout out. I do hope you will continue to give good customer service in serving people all over the world.

However my only con was the window that i was near to I didn’t get a good picture because of how dirty the glass was but otherwise it was a good flight. Have you ever traveled on Caribbean Airlines? What was your experience with them? Did you like the experience you had with them?.


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