My Birthday Wishlist | October 8th

Birthday Wishlist

I have been putting off writing My Birthday Wishlist for the longest time and I have no idea why?. Hmmm I’m not even gonna think why I’m just writing it but anyway let’s get into this post.

I’m a blogger and sometimes youtuber lol. I don’t post as often as i should but i’m always thinking of improving what i’m doing so my wishlist is a mixture of things. First on my list is

A Camera, i’ve been wanting a camera for the longest while!. And every time i start saving for it well other things happen. Even if its a slightly used camera thats fine by me It doesn’t have to be new, i’, not really a fussy person.

Sony A5100


Phone Tripod

I finally got my phone after not having a phone since December!. If you follow me on insta you know that i did a poll and team iphone won, I had already chosen to get an iphone but i did a poll just to be double sure. So recording on my phone could be easier than using the camera at times and well if I don’t get to buy an actual camera the phone will have to do. So the tripod is a must.

Ring Light

Most times I reach home when its almost dark so I would mostly likely have to record in the night. Having a ring light would be a plus for me to have. Weird enough most times i feel to record is at night and ideas for posts and videos always comes to mind at night . Sometimes its like 10 or 11 pm when i get blog post and video ideas. Does that happen to anyone else?.



Last but not least makeup and bodycare products!. I always love buying things like that to have to review on my blog or youtube channel.  I’ve been wanting to try the colorpop no filter line and I still have not gotten around to trying it also I am yet to try the fenty beauty line either so thats all apart of my wishlist and well i need to get a makeup Palette but there are so much to choose from lol it has me confused. i’m more of a neutrals girl so a neutral palette would be  best for me.


I hope you loves enjoyed my Birthday Wishlist. Whats on your Birthday Wishlist?.



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  • Reply Yiota

    I have a similar tripod as the one in your photos and I also got one that goes up to 1m. Perfect for outside shooting and taking outfit photos!! x


    October 5, 2018 at 11:46 am
  • Reply Cris Santos

    Love this wishlist and that camera is my favourite of all items I love photography xoxo Cris

    October 8, 2018 at 6:50 am
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