Moving On From The Past & Forgiveness

Moving On From The Past
Moving On From The Past. I hope you guys will have a blessed week and always try to reach a goal or two each week.
Moving on is hard isn’t it? Why is it so hard to move on? How does one move on? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
I’m sure at some point in our lives these questions pop up in our heads. Sometimes we find an answer and then there’s another time that we are puzzled by these questions we ask ourselves.
Moving On From The Past is hard especially when you don’t forgive the person who has wronged you. Without forgiving that person you will never move on and you will always be hurting. Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship always forgive those who have wronged you. Never go about it by seeking revenge. Because in the end it isn’t worth it and you just might end up hurting more instead of feeling better.
Leave people to time because as the saying says “What goes around comes around”. It might take months even years for that person to receive a dose of their own medicine but it will come around one way or another. It might not be in the exact form of hurt that they dished out but it does come back around one way or another.
When people have hurt you or wronged you just try your best to forgive them and move on and leave it in the hands of God to work things out for you.
Because your tears will never go unseen.
Being at peace with your past is a way of moving on.
I’m not saying you should forgive and forget because that’s a bit impossible to do but just forgive that person and live your life. 
Ones your conscience sets you free you will be ok.
It may take weeks months even years for you move on, but you at least have to try to do so. Pick yourself up and get back on the horse and show them that you are strong.
Never carry things from the past into a new relationship because no two persons are the same and you can’t take what happened in the past to determine your new relationship. If you’re doing things like this it simply means you haven’t fully healed or moved on. 
It’s hard but as I said before try and each time you have failed try again because life goes on.
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Have an amazing week and day!!
Moving On From The Past
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