Makeup Shopping At Sephora For The First Time


Sephora Is one of the most well known makeup store around the world. I have been wanting to go to sephora for the longest time!!. I finally got the chance to do so when I was in Florida. The Sephora that i went to was inside Jc Penny at the Wellington Mall.

In the video you will learn more about my experience at Sephora. I’d go back to that exact one in the wellington mall because of the wonderful customer service. I’ve been trying to remember her name but its not registering but keep up the amazing work. You left a great impression on me especially because it was my first time ever going to a sephora.

Once there is great customer service in a store I will continue returning whether its all the time or whenever i can. Customer service is everything when it comes to a business. It takes the store a far way especially when you’re welcoming and make people feel comfortable.

What was your experience like the first time you ever visited the store?. Were you impressed with the customer service?. Thank you for watching the video!!. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe!!. Also before I go once your subscribed turn on your notification bell so you don’t miss a post. Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.

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