Make Time For Peace & Tranquility In Your Life


Life is pretty loud. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Life is so loud it’s like putting your head inside a lion’s mouth while it’s performing its morning yawn. This isn’t always a bad thing. But that doesn’t change the fact we all need a dollop more peace and quiet in our lives or we might go insane. Just think about it for a moment. We start our days by slapping our phones in an attempt to turn off that blaring alarm, our commutes to work are full of honking horns and screeching trains, and we fill the time in between in loud offices, where the sound of fingers smashing into keyboards and people yelling instructions to one another fills the air.

Don’t get me wrong: I love being an adult. But I still feel a little blindsided by the fact there are not enough dedicated relaxation moments. There’s no escape from the hustle and bustle. And that’s without delving into the modern need to forever be stimulated by something – phones, laptops, televisions, all of the above at once – and then complaining that we live stressful lives.

So, to help you enjoy a calmer, more chilled and less chaotic lifestyle, we have come up with some ways to add a little bit of peace and tranquility to your days:

  1. Prepare The Night Before

A surefire way to live a life void of any peace and quiet is to keep waking up to total chaos and complete disorganization, which is why you should set aside a half-hour the night before to get your life in order. Know what you need to do tomorrow, get your clothes ready, or anything that will make your money’s migraine-free.

  1. Less Screen Time, Please

This one is going to make you panic, I know that, but here’s an amazing challenge you need to try: the 50-minute challenge. Instead of getting your brain into a tizzy by waking up and immediately checking emails, group messages, Instagram, the news – anything – don’t touch your phone for the first and last 50-minutes of every day. It’s so relaxing.

  1. Mute Those Commercials

We’ve all been whacked by the intensity of television commercials, turning to our significant lover or roommate to say, “is it just me or are the commercials like ten times louder?” It’s not just you. They are. So, from now on, mute the commercials and enjoy three minutes of silence.

  1. Go To Your Happy Place More

Wherever your happy place might be, go there more often. If it’s closing the door and painting, then schedule this in more. Is it getting onto the lake where life is still, buy a boat from Premier Boating. If it’s walking into the woods to your favorite glade, head here in the mornings before work. We all have a place where we are happy and it’s usually somewhere quiet – go there more.

  1. Start Saying “No Thank You”

I know you probably suffer from the same level of FOMO everyone else does. But it’s okay to say no to certain requests and to turn down certain invitations in favor of doing nothing. We all need some peace of mind now and again.

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