Living with Kidney Disease

Living with Kidney Disease
Living with Kidney Disease isn’t an easy task, you have your up days and your down days and then there are the days.  There are days when you just don’t have an appetite to eat then there are days you feel like you would eat a cow lol.
You see people on the streets on a daily basis, you don’t know what they are going through or what problems they have, because we look normal just like anyone else, we try to live normal lives like everyone else just so no one will pity or feel sorry for us so we try or best to fit in.
You have to maintain a good diet because if you fall off the wagon for just even a second things start to happen you can’t have too much salt, you have to watch your protein in the because having too much protein can be danger if it spills over in your urine it can cause a UTI otherwise known as a Urinary Tract Infection and after that starts to happen then the kidney infection crops up which is call Pyelonephritis and trust me the pain isn’t easy i wish no such pain or agony on no one, also you have to watch your sodium and potassium intake also and make sure to keep those levels down also.
Living with Kidney Disease isn’t easy I have learnt a lot and I am still learning. I just learnt a few new things just the other day that I didn’t even know. Just like life is a learning process your health is a learning process also!.
Water!!! Water!is life for a kidney patient. Too much salt can cause crystals to form which will form kidney stones and for anyone out there who has had kidney stones you know how it feels, its not a nice thing to have. All these intrveneous antibiotics that we as kidney patients get to treat various infections its never good either because they all have their side effects, so the more natural you can go the better to me the herbal way is the best way, many doctors may not like this but its the truth. I have done it and i feel so much better in my body.
There are many quirks and cons living with kidney disease those were just a few I mentioned, its not easy so imagine others who live daily with multiple illnesses and diseases, i am saying this to say guys, treat others with the love and care you would want and don’t bash others especially if you don’t know them because you don’t know their situation, love unconditionally, be there for the ones you love, cherish the little moments and the big moments, make time for your friends and family. Don’t say your ever too busy to visit or call or even send a text because we can all be here today and gone tomorrow.
Don’t wait until its too late to spend time with the ones you love, because it maybe something you will regret when its too late and regret is never an easy thing to get over.
If there are people out there with this condition or other conditions and you would like the topic to be talked on or varous ways you can eat to stay healthy or even meal plans to keep as healthy as possible, let me know in the comments or even message or email me, i have learnt so much over the years about health, i would be more than happy to help and share with you..
Have a lovely day
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    Thanks a lot 😀

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    great post !! happy Valentines!!!???

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    Don't worry dear, you'll be fine just watch your diet like you've mentioned and keep praying. God is bigger than any problem we are facing.

    February 14, 2017 at 6:29 pm
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