Life Lessons I Have Learnt

Life Lessons

Over the years I’ve learnt many Life Lessons. We all learn each and everyday and some days you learn something new. If you aren’t learning means you are not trying to improve yourself. Learning each lesson from situations that you encounter is so very important. Why? because it helps you in never making the same mistakes and improving yourself.

In all my 23 years almost 24 hmm i can’t believe my birthday is next month!. I have learnt a lot in all my 23 years sometimes i sit and look at my life and I wonder. From time to time, i’ll even say to my mom that I have been through too much and learnt too much for my age. Somethings I have encountered people in their 30’s and 40’s are just experiencing these situations. God knows how much I can handle so I know that’s why he puts me through these situations to learn lessons from a younger age so as i get older it will be easier for me.

Some of the lessons I’ve learnt are:

Some people only come into your life just to see how good or bad your doing and just to basically keep tabs on you. Not to be a genuine friend but just to know your business.

You will meet amazing lifetime friends while some are just temporary. God has provided me with an amazing best friend although we now live far apart thats ok. We are there for each other as best as we can with the distance. For years I prayed for genuine people in my life and God has provided just that and each day I thank him for that.

There are people who may come into your life just for a week or two just to teach you a lesson or to let you have the time of your life.

With the world we live in you have to live with the good bad and the indifferent. You may wish they could vanish or be put away but you just have to live with them.

No one is perfect you just have to find the people who are worth suffering for.

Getting hurt is something you can’t get away from, you just have to brace yourself to get back up and try again.

Forgiveness is the key to a lot of things in this life. Learn to forgive but never forget. Forgiving someone isn’t easy but you have to try so you don’t have that burden to live with.

A pure and clean heart is the best thing you can have.

Always be humble. Never act like you are better than anyone because the people you may shun maybe the same persons who may help you in the long run.

Being truthful and honest will get you a very far way.

Help all those you can when you can.

Never go around hurting people who you care about because there is a saying that says what goes around comes around. It may not come back in the same form but hurting others has its repercussions.

No one can make you happy but yourself, so never depend on others for your happiness because when they fail you then what happens. Your happiness begins with you.

Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings or anger.

Think before you speak because words hurt and they scar for life.

Uplift others instead of putting down others because everyone is equal in Gods eyes.

Never shy away from love even when you have gotten the most hurt. don’t close your heart to love, accept it when it comes along because you never know. Maybe the person you are closing out maybe your ms right or mr right.

Always keep dreaming because your dreams can come through at anytime. Never tell yourself that your dreams can’t come through. Instead tell yourself one day my dreams will come through.

One major life lesson I have learnt is making assumptions. Do your best to never assume instead ask questions even when you are scared to ask them. Assumptions can ruin a lot of things for you and your life.

Material things can’t make you happy, they are only temporary happiness until it’s not new anymore.

Make time for friends and family because in the end those are the people who will be there for you.

Giving up should never be an option in your life. No matter how many times you fail get up and try again until you master whatever it is you keep failing. Its just like the man who was digging for diamonds and the deeper he got he saw no signs of any diamond. He decided to give up and. At that point when he gave up if he had just worked a bit harder he would have been successful. Because the diamonds were just 1 inch away from where he stopped.

Life Lessons

These are some of the Life Lessons I have learnt I didn’t put them all in the post. I hope you found this post helpful to you in some way or another. Do share some of the life lessons you have learnt with me in the comments below or even message me on my socials.




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    we actually have to live with the good and bad, it hurts but thats fact

    September 12, 2018 at 3:36 am
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