Life Is Filled With Ups And Downs

Life Is Filled With Ups And Downs

Life Is Filled With Ups And Downs, back stabbers, dishonest people. You name it. Sometimes people just get close to you in order to know the inside scoop about your life then they rip you apart. They start sharing your private conversations with others, they say what you didn’t say and tell lies on you.

It hurts and it may take you some time to heal but you will get back up. Learn from the lessons you’ve gotten. Some people feel that when you faulter you will never rise again because they see you as weak and feeble. But then they get the shock of their lives when they see you starting to rise again and this time rise even higher than you were before.

People will grudge you for what you have and they don’t know how hard you worked your butt off to reach where you are in life. People can be so malicious that they will try every and anything in their power to keep you down. All because they can’t walk in your shoes. Instead of working to reach where they want to go they try their best at holding you back.

There are times when you are at your lowest and just when you feel like you want to give up God shows up. He comes through for you and helps you to see that everything will be ok. But then satan sees you thriving and achieving your goals and dreams and he doesn’t like seeing that. He then try’s his hardest to knock you down again. Don’t let satan destroy what God has for you and no matter how many times you falter get back up. You getting back up will make you stronger than you were before.

Sometimes things may not work out the way you want it to but the God that we serve knows what he is doing. God may just be working on something even greater than what you had in mind. It’s all just a temporary set back. Just like a flower, when the time gets dry and it’s not getting any water or nourishment it whithers away. When it starts getting water or rain it starts blooming again.

Things may seem tough but enjoy the ups while you have it and be thankful and try to enjoy the downs also when they come. Because guess what you will always rise again if you keep focused and have faith that things will work out. Everything always works out when you least expect it or there seems to be no way.

No matter where you turn or what you do life will always be filled with ups and downs because that’s just the world we live in. It’s not perfect and no one is perfect but always try to live a life that’s pleasing to God. Live a life that others will want to follow. Be a leader and not a follower and show others that no matter what life throws at them. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You may not see it now but there is always something good out of every bad situation or life lesson.

Be careful who you call your friends because your closest friend can be your worst enemy and also be careful who you share your personal life with.

What lever it is that you’re going through leave it to God. Pray about it . Just have faith, let go and let God take control. Many may not believe in him but I implore to them that you need to. He is and will always be there and he’s always on time.


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