If Only I Could Tell You How I Feel

If  Only I Could Tell You How I Feel. Tell you all the things I want to say and all I want you to know. Talk for hours telling each other our thoughts and our dreams especially hearing your thoughts and views on life. Wouldn’t that be amazing, talking till the sunrises and one day even watching the sunrise together. Just being by your side would be the most beautiful thing a girl could ask for. That thought of being able to wake up by your side would be a dream come through. The sad truth is I can’t tell you how I feel and fact is you may never know. How sad it is that I can’t get the words out all I can do is think and wonder and well look from a distance.

Life has a way of inspiring you to do things outside of the box but if only If Only I Could Tell You How I Feel and be able to get the words out. I sit everyday trying to send a text but i can never press send. Pressing play in my head everyday all I would say but the words just can’t come out. I feel like I should not be the one saying it but then I feel obligated to at the same time. Would you ever do the same, would you tell me how you feel or what you’re thinking. Maybe not but I would really love to know.

If Only I Could Tell You How I Feel

Being brave to express how i feel is not my strong suite but shouldn’t that be your job as a man. Well it should be able to go both ways, I know!. Would it be worth it if I told you how I felt? Do I think it would make a difference or would I be disappointed instead. How can I risk it ?. Will I ever get past the thought of not knowing or thinking what your answer would be. I will never know because I am too scared to ask too scared to face you, too scared of rejection.

The way I see you through my eyes I really wish you could see it too. Am I In love with you or am I in love with the feeling of you. Saying things to make you think twice or make you think different of me is not the best thing but I get so nervy talking to you sometimes the wrong thing comes out!! Uhhh I wish I could tell you if only you could hear my heart. Will I know if you feel the same I may never know. I may regret not saying anything but at the same time maybe it’s for the best. Timing is everything and it may not be the right time because God’s timing is perfect timing.

I hope you all enjoyed this post loves. I have no idea where all this inspiration is coming from but I am happy that my groove is coming back!!! ALWAYS BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF

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    This is very beautiful and sad at the same time. Beautifully written. xx

    Ann-Marie |

    May 4, 2018 at 9:00 am
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    this is amazing. keep writing more.
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    May 4, 2018 at 11:37 am
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