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I Am Not Ashamed

I am not ashamed to say that I love God. God is awesome and most importantly he has done so much for me and for everyone in this world. How can we not love him. Believing in him is one of the best things in life. God is just an awesome God. Why not praise him and glorify his name.

We all go through life experiences whether it be at school, at work and at home. Do we always have the answers to our problems? No we don’t. Simply talking to God can make you feel so much better. I saw a whole vision for my year and what it would be like, being positive that it will be an amazing year. I’m not gonna lie my year started amazing but then things got bitter and i thought well that’s it. Then I started talking to God and telling him how i’m feeling.

Don’t Be Ashamed Of What You Have Been Through

He helped me see again that the bitter part will pass and that my year is still going to be an amazing year. Sometimes God put people in your life to teach you harsh truths and lessons. It may leave you feeling broken and weak but then there he goes sending someone to your rescue to help you to heal those wounds that need healing.

I will always tell every and anyone this. We can all reach to the top. The fact is some of us aren’t willing to help others because you may feel that they will be a competition. No one is your competition, you are your own competition. Help someone today who needs help or asks for help, don’t see them as your competition see that person as someone you can reach to the top with. No two persons are the same, however even if your both doing the same thing you each have your own impact on different people.

You never know what someone maybe going through. Sometimes we all fight with thoughts going through our minds. Be careful of the way you treat others. I Am Not Ashamed and you don’t need to be either. We all go through struggles and trials. At the end of the day know that god will be there for you always.

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