Husband And Wife Tag Questions

Husband And Wife Tag Questions

Hey loves, today i will be sharing the Husband And Wife Tag Questions. You can take turns and ask your spouse these questions in the form of making a video or just to have as memories. This is also the perfect way to see how much your spouse has remembered over time about you and vice versa.

In doing this tag you will realize well not everything you do know about your partner or certain answers won’t be the same. You both may have different opinions on various questions.  You will also find it fu learning new things about your partner and that its not a bad thing that you don’t know everything about your partner.

A relationship/marriage is a learning process.

  1. When did we meet?
  2. What was your first opinion of me?
  3. When did you know I was the one?
  4. How long did it take to plan the wedding?
  5. When did we get married?
  6. How long have we been married?
  7. How’d you propose?
  8. How many children did I want before marriage?
  9. What does my family think of you?
  10. What does my friend think of you?
  11. What’s my worst habit?
  12. What is my best habit?
  13. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  14. If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me what would it be?
  15. Who is the better cook?
  16. What do we argue most about?
  17. Have you ever pretend to sleep at to avoid an argument?
  18. What was our last argument about?
  19. What’s the last text message I sent you?
  20. Who is more affectionate?
  21. What is something the I enjoy doing with you?
  22. Whose more romantic one?
  23. Who is the funny one?
  24. Who is more outgoing?
  25. Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?
  26. Have you ever lied to avoid getting in trouble with me?
  27. Have I ever gotten you something, you didn’t like?
  28. What is the best gift I have ever gotten for you?
  29. What is something I cannot live without?
  30. Use one word to describe Me?
  31. What is my best physical trait?
  32. What is my best personality trait?
  33. Who is more likely to get into a fight?

I hope you loves enjoyed the Husband And Wife Tag Questions.

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