How to Rekindle Your Spark

How to Rekindle Your Spark

How to Rekindle Your Spark. Romantic relationships can be compared to a campfire. In the sense that if you don’t keep putting wood on the fire and nurturing it the fire will go out.

In almost all romantic relationships. There seems to be a slump a few years in. Often when things are feeling quite settled and ‘normal’ where somehow the spark that once shined so brightly becomes a little dulled.  

At this point, there are two choices; you accept the dulled way and perhaps become a little despondent. Or do something about it. Rekindle Your Spark, just like how you might blow on a campfire to bring it back to life.

There are many things you can do to rekindle your spark and this article looks at some of the most effective strategies:


Intimacy in a relationship is vitally important, as without intimacy, you’re basically just friends – yet this is an area of most relationships that turns a little dull over time and whilst there are all sorts of tips and books advising new positions and kinky ideas, the most valuable thing you can do is to simple make time for intimacy.

So many people live busy lives that when they come home they are exhausted. If they are intimate it’s a short lived deed that doesn’t necessarily feel as connected as it once did.  Therefore, you want to make time for intimacy. You don’t need to head on down to Ann Summers or reenact Fifty Shades of Grey in order to Rekindle Your Spark. You just need to make time for each other.

Intimacy is much more than physical, it’s emotional, and one of the greatest barriers to this intimacy is stress.  Stress can have a very negative affect on your life, and your relationships, it’s therefore important that whilst you make time for each other, you also make time for yourself… as if you are both relating from a place of stress and frustration it’s a recipe for disaster.


Go away for the weekend, from time to time, and try out new activities that add interest and variety to your lives.  For instance, boat clubs offer a hassle free way to rent a boat and explore in a carefree way.  

Embrace the seasons, and get in the spirit of festivities such as Halloween by visiting a haunted mansion together. Even going trick and treating – you might get some odd looks as adults, but that’s part of the fun.  The aim is to rekindle your connection and one of the best ways to do that is to engage in some fun childish activities together that are different to your daily lives.


We all know communication is key, when it comes to relationships. Yet so many couples are closed off choosing to say they are “fine”. When what they really feel is clearly something very not fine.  

Open up to each other. Talk about the challenges in your relationship as well as the things you really appreciate about each other. The more communication that flows between you on an emotional level, that goes beyond the practicalities of daily life. The more oxygen that will be fed into that fire of yours thus rekindling the flames.

How to Rekindle Your Spark

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