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How to Plan Your Perfect Europe City Break


For many of us, taking a few weeks off work is something we can only dream about. Instead of getting away and seeing distant places. You can turn a few days off work into a culture trip and visit some of the stunning cities in Europe: Cologne, Amsterdam, London, Prague, or Budapest. If you travel off season, you can get some great prices on your accommodation and your flights. And explore some of the best attractions without having to deal with the crowd. If having a trip to Europe for a few days is something that appeals to you. Get planning using the below tips to make the most out of your time.

Compare Prices

The first thing you will have to do is compare the prices of flights, accommodation, and packages. In some cases, especially if you are traveling off season. You will find some special offers on the internet that will help you save money. Instead of going out to book your hotel and flights separately, look on coupon and voucher sites, and compare the different packages and dates. The more flexible you are with your destination and dates the better value you will get for your money.

Check Alternative Destinations


You might already have a bucket list of vacations you would like to take, but there are more than one cities in a country. You don’t necessarily have to stay in the capital to see some of the main attractions. Doing a round trip touching the capital and other cities can work as well. So you can make the most out of the few days you have to spare. There are stunning cities worth exploring in France, Germany and Italy. Other than the capitals.You can get a city break for the fraction of the price too.

Stay in the Outskirts

In case you are picking a popular city for your break, you might be able to stay in the outskirts. Making the most out of your budget. In most larger cities in Europe, you’ll find regional buses and trains that will take you to the center for less than you would think. Certainly less than the price difference between an inner city boutique hotel and a bed and breakfast in the outskirts. Chances are that you will only have to travel around 30 minutes to reach the main attractions.

Get a Travel Card


Whenever you are visiting a European city. You’ll have to see if there is a tourist travel and attraction card you can take advantage of. These cards are really good value for money. As they give you unlimited travel on public transport, as well as discount for attractions and tours, restaurants, and bars. You don’t really want to hire a car for a few days and get lost in the confusing traffic of the big city. Study the public transport link of the place you are visiting and the location of your hotel to make sure that you can get around easily enough. It might be a good idea to download a transport network map on your phone.

Make a Bucket List

If you have a good idea of which attractions you would like to see in the city, you are more likely to plan your days in a way that you will have time for everything. Unfortunately, you will still find it hard to fit in everything and choose the top attractions for your city break. If you would like to find out more about what’s there to see, you can click here and check out the best places and te best ways to explore each destination.

Try AirBnB

In case you are on a tight budget and would like to benefit from locals’ knowledge and tips, you might even book a private accommodation that will allow you to see the real lifestyle in the city and connect with locals. You can get expert advice and local tips that are not on travel blogs or in books. So you can see more than you are set out to, and make the most out of your experience.

Check the Weather Forecast

Before you travel, it is also important that you check the weather forecast. Depending on which region of Europe you would like to visit, you can get rain, snow, or heat in April or October. Check the long term weather forecast, so you can improve your chances of packing the right clothes. If you travel in the winter, you should be prepared for icy wind and snow. Be sure to get a warm coat and a weatherproof pair of boots, so you can avoid slipping on the streets. Study the climate of European cities before you choose your destination.  

Pre-book Your Attractions

If you don’t want to spend half of your vacation queueing up for attractions. It might be a good idea to pre-book them ahead of your arrival. This will help you see more in less time and you might even pick up some great online discounts. If you want to take a tour on the bus or by walk, you can integrate this in your itinerary so you have a point of orientation once you set out on your own to see what you are interested in.

Get Your Airport Transfer Ordered In Time

One of the things you need to be careful with is the airport transfer and taxis. In some countries, if you speak English, you will be taken for a ride automatically. In case you are traveling to Budapest, you will not have this issue, as you can walk up to the booth outside of the airport terminal, pre-pay your taxi, and wait, This means that you will get a set price based on your destination instead of taking a risk. Read blogs about taxi and transfer services before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

Planning a city break can be a great way of taking a step back and seeing some of the best attractions in Europe. If you would like to make sure your city break goes smoothly, you will have to plan ahead using the above tips.


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