How to Pamper Your Man This Autumn

How to Pamper Your Man This Autumn

How to Pamper Your Man This Autumn. Autumn is coming, and what better time to snuggle up with your partner and get all cosy. Than this season of warming soups, crispy leaves, darker nights and chilling temperatures creeping back into our lives.

Autumn can be an incredibly romantic time of year, and pampering your partner is always a great way to connect and build intimacy within your relationship, particularly if you’re looking to rekindle the spark between the two of you. Yet there’s a practical benefit too. As it’s this time of year that we need to start looking after our skin.  

Women tend to be much better at this than guys. And whilst men are becoming much more conscious in terms of skincare routines. They often need a little indulgence from the women in their life. To ensure they are protecting their skin against the elements.

With regard to the elements. It’s important to recognize it’s not just the elements outside that cause skin damage, for instance, exposure to artificial heart sources such as radiators can really dry out the skin.

Then, on the other of this, pampering your man is a great way to show that you care.  

You might have already heard of the “5 Love Languages”… which is a book by Gary Chapman where he explains the five broad ways in which people give and receive love.  The list includes:

  5. GIFTS

Words of affirmation relates to being told how much you are loved or that you’ve done a good job; it could also include compliments about your appearance or any other aspect of who you are.  

Acts of service, are slightly more practical in nature. For instance mowing the lawn or cooking breakfast for someone in bed.  These people tend to receive love by having people do things for them (e.g. fix their car) and often display love in a similar way, by giving.

Quality time is perhaps quite an obvious love language; it’s where people feel connected and present with each other.  If you’re someone that values quality time, as your love language. Then you will be the type of person that could get upset if you’re partner is on their phone a lot when on a date. As you crave the connection and attention of spending time together.

Physical touch, is again, rather obvious.  This is where people give and receive love through tactile affection such as massage, hugs and cuddles.

Gifts, relates to physical gifts or experiences that tend are designed to make that person feel significant and valued.

When we look at pampering your man, let’s say, via a homemade pamper night. It ticks a lot of boxes within these love languages.  Remember, most people will have one or two of these love languages that are predominant.

A pamper night is an act of service, it also facilitates quality time where it’s just the two of you. There’s a huge component of physical touch and it’s an experiential gift.  Throw in a few words of affirmation whilst you’re taking care of him, and it ticks every box.

So, we’ve established it’s a good idea on a romantic level in addition to the practical level of taking care of his skin and so on.

See, unlike women that have been encouraged to pamper themselves from an early age. Men, have been conditioned against pampering themselves, as “real men” don’t use moisturizer and so on.  

This archaic view is starting to shift at a rapid pace, with the male makeup industry booming. But there is still a reluctance for most men to immerse themselves in taking care of their skin with things such as facials and that’s where you can help out.

Almost all men like to be pampered by their partner – no matter what they say to the contrary, deep down, they love it.

The feminine energy is a nurturing energy that is focused around nourishment. Almost all men like to be nurtured in this tactile way.  They might put up barriers, initially, but deep down they have an emotional need to be taken care of. Just like women have a need to feel protected by their partner.  In fact, we all have a desire to feel important, valued and cherished.

When you think about it, a relationship is often the place we go to feel nurtured. In fact, it’s often the only place, so with the cold season fast approaching, let’s look at some ways to pamper your man this winter and make him feel nurtured.


Think back to your grandparents, and how your grandmother probably nagged your grandfather to make sure he had his warm gloves and winter scarf when going outside in the cold weather.  He probably shrugged this off, and talked about how he didn’t like all the nagging. But deep down, it probably made him feel valued and taken care of.

Pampering isn’t limited to skincare and massage, it can be as ensuring he has a nice warm scarf, gloves and a woolly hat to keep him warm.  In fact, each time he goes out in the cold, with these winter accessories, he will most likely feel pampered and taken care of. Serving as a constant reminder of your love, warmth and comfort.


Autumn and Winter are two seasons where we need to take extra care of our skin whether you’re a man or woman.  When it comes to men, it might require some initial coaxing. But a weekly face mask can be a great way to detoxify and replenish the skin with moistening ingredients.  

There’s a company called Lush that produce some wonderful natural products, many of which don’t smell particularly “girly” and are suitable for male skin. That said, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, of course.  

If you were to look at what causes frown lines and the natural remedies for these, you’ll find that something as simple as applying egg white to the skin for fifteen minutes will give it a much tighter and firm appearance; smoothing out some of the fine lines on the face.


An Indian Head Massage, sometimes referred to as champissage, is a wonderful treat after a stressful day, that can melt away stress and tension whilst stimulating the cells responsible for healthy hair growth; this can be a subtle yet effective way to address any concerns around baldness.

On this topic, you might want to consider using a caffeine-based shampoo, within the hair massage. As caffeine is a natural stimulant that stimulates hair follicle growth and increases blood flow to the scalp. Tus nourishing the root of the hair with nutritionally rich blood.

Indian head massage is good for dandruff and dry skin, or even tension headaches. When done in the bath, with wet hair, you can get a little more creative and use topical products such as aloe vera or coconut oil in order to really nourish the hair.


Many people in relationships associate massage with sexual intimacy. There’s something nice about setting aside some time which is purely for relaxation and helping ease tender muscles.  You can learn about massage online, thanks to YouTube. Even learn how to treat specific conditions – such as aching lower backs or tight shoulders. Of course, it’s best to leave certain things to the professionals, but the majority of massage is pretty safe to perform as an amateur. It can be a great way to make your man feel pampered.


Many women know the benefits of a relaxing bubble bath, with a few candles and their favourite essential oils. Yet men are a little less inclined to indulge in this experience.  Therefore, offer them a helping hand by running a bath for them and setting it up so all they have to do is get in the tub.

Like the massage this could turn into a more intimate situation, but when it comes to pampering there’s something to be said for the focus being solely on relaxation and nurturing your partner in an almost maternal way.  For instance, you could get a jug, which you fill with warm bath water and pour it down his back. Or you could sit behind him and offer an Indian head massage.


In summary, pampering your man this autumn doesn’t have to be a big deal; it can be as simple as running him a bubble bath or as involved as giving him an hour long massage from skills you’ve specifically researched to attend to his aches and pains.  

No matter what pampering looks like to you, it’s really important to pamper your man. Even if he doesn’t seem particularly willing. Every man likes to be taken care of… and it will add a lot of warmth, intimacy and security to your relationship.  

Similarly, it invokes the law of reciprocation in that most people, when they receive such a nice surprise tend to want to reciprocate and give back to their partner in a way that is equally nourishing and fulfilling.  Whilst it’s not advisable to “give in order to get” if your relationship is in a bit of a slump, it’s stuff like this that can really help to get things back on track.


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  • Reply Aliya

    Very good idea’s will definitely be putting these tips to the test this fall season. Definitely, want to keep rekindling the spark between us. Great article.

    September 18, 2018 at 1:07 pm
  • Reply Carolyn A Griffin

    I loved this, I just picked up the “5 love languages”, I have not started on it yet, because I am currently finishing another book. But it is up next. You gave some very good tips, and I enjoyed the read, thank you for sharing.

    September 18, 2018 at 9:58 pm
    • Reply Mssparkleandglow

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when you have read it. Your welcome

      September 22, 2018 at 9:08 pm
  • Reply Yiota

    Great ideas!! It’s really important to take care of our other half, I love to do things for my husband such as buying him clothes, cook dinner and a massage if he is tired. It’s the little things that do a relationship special.


    September 19, 2018 at 12:50 am
  • Reply Cellia

    Really interesting:) even if single it’s good to know these things beforehand.

    September 19, 2018 at 3:01 am
  • Reply candice

    Thanks for these awesome tips

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    September 19, 2018 at 3:38 am

    Necessary, hair care, clothings. etc
    Make someone smile

    September 19, 2018 at 2:30 pm
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