How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long Distance

Long Distance relationships can be difficult at the best of times and due to the digital tech explosion. There are a lot more couples who are living a long distance apart. Of course, it is perfectly natural to want to be with the one that you love and if circumstances dictate this is not possible. It puts a great strain on the relationship.

Make Good Use of Technology

If you go back a mere 50 years, being apart meant letter writing. With a 4 or 5-day wait in between correspondences. Yet today, we have Skype (or similar app) that allows us to have a face-to-face real-time conversation (with video). Skype has saved many marriages over the years. As it provides the ideal platform for making contact, and it’s totally free!. Set times and this really must be a daily happening, preferably at a time that works for both of you. If it means you getting up at 3:00 a.m., this is the price you must pay to keep the relationship alive. Making sacrifices comes with the territory. And if you are both focused on your joint long-term goals, these daily chats will do wonders.

Make a Commitment

Long Distance

If marriage is on the cards, why not propose when you are together?. There are some stunning engagement rings in Brisbane or any other Australian city that will take her breath away. Providing you know she’s the one for you, make all the arrangements and pop that question before someone else does. Once you know her ring size and her taste in jewellery, you can source the right ring online and decide on a suitable venue. And nothing can strengthen a long-term relationship more than a marriage proposal.

Show an Interest

Ask how your partner’s day went and listen attentively. Allowing them to unload a little by sharing those small daily frustrations we all experience. Offer advice when needed and if you sense your partner is jaded, do what you can to lift their spirits. It is perfectly natural for a person to feel insecure about the relationship when you aren’t together, and by making every effort to make your partner feel secure you are helping to keep the relationship strong.

Make Joint Goals

When two people are continents apart, this usually involves work, and by thinking about the overall goal. You realize that the absence is temporary and this will give you both the strength to endure the separation. Talk about your plans for the future and help to build a clear picture of how great life will be when this contract is completed and time passes, especially if we are focused on the future. There are articles you can find online providing you with an innovative list of things to keep a long distance relationship alive, which might help.

In order for the relationship to stand the test of time when both parties are apart, one must make every effort to reinforce the joint goals. Daily online contact will go a long way towards keeping the relationship strong.

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