How to deal with heartbreak

How to deal with heartbreak

How to deal with heartbreak. Dealing with heartbreak isn’t easy. Most of us have been through it and know what it feels like to get your heart broken. Don’t you?

Everyone deals with heartbreak differently. Some don’t know how to deal with it or handle being heart broken. Forgiving that person and moving on with your life will be what’s best for you. If you don’t forgive, you will always feel stuck and have all these questions running through your head. Why this why that, how and where did you go wrong. Even when it’s not your fault why the relationship ended.

Some deal with heartbreak by eating comfort food, drinking alot, don’t eat any at all, cry for hours/days. Some just don’t show any emotion instead they keep it all inside. While some get ill because of how much he/she has taken it to heart.

One way to deal with being heartbroken is keeping yourself busy by doing things you love or been wanting to do. Pour your time and energy into your work or spend time with friends and loved ones instead of feeling sorry for yourself. I cannot stress enough about forgiving that person for whatever they have done. If you don’t you will never move on and you will not get the closure you need. If it makes you feel better in asking what went wrong or why did that person hurt you, do so. Get the closure you need to move on.

Another thing is guys when you have just ended a relationship don’t go jumping into another one so quickly. Give yourself time to heal. Don’t go using others as a rebound to make yourself feel better because all your doing is hurting that person in the process.  You of all persons should know what that feels like. If you need someone to talk or express yourself to do so instead of hurting yourself more and others in the process.

In giving yourself time to heal it will help you in learning to trust again, know exactly what your looking for in someone and what you don’t want. It also helps you not to carry baggage from your past relationships into another, so give yourself time before you get back into dating.

Listen guys, let me tell you some thing you don’t need a man or a woman in your life to be happy, because no one can make you happy but yourself. If you always depend on others for your happiness you will never be happy and you will always get hurt. Having a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband or wife is just the added bonus to your life so don’t depend on others for your happiness.

How do you deal with heartbreak? Do you depend on others to make you happy or do you make yourself happy?.


How to deal with heartbreak
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