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Itchy Scalp

Most of us suffer from a Itchy Scalp right?. Most of the time a lot of the store bought things we try don’t always work. They work for a time and then you have to start searching for another product to try and the cycle goes on and on. Most people are reaching for more natural remedies especially home remedies.

These are just a few simple home remedies you can use for your itchy scalp. Peppermint Oil. Tea tree Oil. Rosemary Oil. Aloe Vera. Olive Oil. Coconut Oil.

Itchy Scalp Remedies

Peppermint Oil Peppermint oil is not only used for an itchy scalp but also people who suffer from itchy dry skin can use it too. This oil can be described as anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial. The menthol in the oil helps to improve the blood flow in the scalp, improves hair growth and reduces hair loss. Also the menthol helps in soothing the scalp and gives you that tingling feeling which stops the itching.

Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil They both moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and eliminates the dryness. Both oils also help in preventing dandruff and hair loss and improves hair growth.

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera gel is a great natural moisturizer for the scalp. It can be used to steam the hair and its also great at helping to define your curls.

Olive Oil There are two major components found in olive oil. Oleocanthal and oleuropein which have skin protectant and anti inflammatory properties.

Coconut Oil The drier your scalp the itchier it will be. Coconut oil has great absorption so it is one of the best oils to use in your hair.

Having an itchy scalp is not the most comfortable thing, these simple home remedies can help you to achieve little to no itch. Have you ever tried any of these remedies?. What do you use for your itchy scalp?. I hope you found this post helpful. Don’t forget to share and subscribe for more amazing posts

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