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Her Lessons In Love: Part 6

Every evening Kinsley looked forward to going home on the bus, and one evening Randall decided to walk Kinsley to the bus but Kinsley didn’t like the idea because of all the stuff she was hearing plus they weren’t on the best of terms and he may have hers that she and Orlando always talk on the bus, after kinsley went on the bus and she said bye to Randall and he talked to his friends Orlando walked up!!! he asked Randall to move so he could get onto the bus and as usual Orlando always sat beside Kinsley!!, Randall then left and Orlando said to Kinsley, i went looking for you, and Kinsley said Randall decided to walk her down this evening for some reason. The next day was a big football event at the school. Kinsley never always went to the events. She called Randall any times when she got home and no answer, she called her best friend Raelin and Raelin said she didn’t see him and little does Kinsley know that Raelin knew exactly where Randall was, so she decided to call Orlando because she knew he would have been at the event. When she called him he answered and said, Hey Kinsley whats up? are you OK? Kinsley said, have you seen Randall and Orlando replied saying yes he saw him not too long ago with the same girl she keeps hearing about and she said ok thank you for letting me know. Orlando herd the sadness in her voice and asked if she was ok, she replied, I will be. He asked if she wanted to talk later and she said OK.

That night Orlando called and he talked to Kinsley and also shared with her experiences he had also in relationships. She saw Randall calling and she ignored the calls. She kept talking to Orlando and she felt better by talking to him and expressing herself. The next day when Kinsley went to school Randall came up to her during lunch time asking her if she didn’t see him calling and she said yes I did, So why didn’t you answer me and Kinsleys response shocked him she said, “when I was calling you yesterday you had your reasons why you didn’t answer and don’t lie to me that you were home because I got confirmation that you were here on the compound with the same girl you claim your not along with and I have nothing more to say to you than leave me alone!!”

For the rest of the day Randall looked sad and his friends kept asking what was wrong and he wouldn’t answer, they asked Kinsley what was wrong and she said ask him he knows!!

That evening when she went on the bus as always Orlando came and sat beside her, he asked how are you doing today and she said she was ok. Orlando said to Kinsley, you deserve so much better than that, you would deserve someone who will treat you like the queen you are, Kinsley smiled and he said it’s true and then he also went on to say I can be that person for you, Kinsley looked up at him shocked!!! Everyday evening Orlando and Kinsley talked on the phone sharing with each other and encouraging each other, one evening on the bus, Orlando said, Bet me that i kiss you right now, Kinsley laughed and said if you do i will slap you in your face!! he said ok lets see!! Orlando locked his lips on Kinsley’s and she was so shocked she couldn’t even raise her hand, when she finally opened her eyes he was starring at her and so was everyone in the bus trying to take a picture and  everyone laughed and said, this should have happened a long time ago you deserve so much better than Randall, Randall’s own friends made that statement which is also Orlando’s friends too, everyone was laughing and saying lonnnng time this should have happened.

 That evening going home Orlando and Kinsley kept starring at each other and she looked forward to his call when he got home, that night he said to her give me one week to prove to you that I am worth your time and she said she doesn’t know after a few minutes of contemplation she said ok one week and he said ok, one week and if you don’t want to be in the relationship then we can just continue being friends. She gave him the chance!!

The next day Randall called out to Kinsley and she went to him and said yes what is it? He said is it true that you and Orlando kissed!! Kinsley said yes it’s true and your problem is? he said nothing, Kinsley said to him we have been over for a long time now and I was just too stupid to see it so if you want a full confirmation we are done!!! you hurt me so many times, lied and the list goes on so yes we have been done for a long time, I just couldn’t say the words and Kinsley walked off.

That evening she told Orlando about what happened and they got to talking and the conversaton where she called him to find out where Randall was came up and guess what Kinsley also found out about her best friend Raelin!!!

Stay tuned to next week to hear what happened next!!! It’s about to get real interesting guys!!!! So don’t miss out next weeks post and also if you are reading for the first time here are all the links to the previous parts, PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 so if you are not up to date, you can catch up right here!!!

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