The Health Benefits of Oats

Health Benefits of Oats

Today I’m going to be speaking a little on the Health Benefits of Oats. Some use it on their skin, some use it in their smoothies, some use it in baking but most people use it as a cereal. 

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Oats contains a lot of dietary fibers which will help in lowering your cholesterol.
Oats helps in stabilizing your blood sugar and reduces your risk of diabetes. The high level of magnesium that it has it helps in nourishing the body’s proper use of glucose and insulin secretion.
Oats is also gluten free. There are lots of persons who has to have a gluten free diet and oats is a good gluten free product to use in your diet.
Oats is also known to help in lowering cravings. Because it stays in your stomach longer making you feel full longer. And also 1 cup of oats is only 130 calories.
Oats also acts as a shield to your skin in many skincare and beauty products I’m sure you have seen oats or another word for it is (Avena sativa). I’m not sure if you have ever uses Aveeno products before but aveeno uses oats in their products. It was discovered that it is good for dry itchy or irritated skin, it’s said to soothe it and helps to lock in moisture.
Because oats is high in fiber it helps with the functioning of your bowel movement. It’s said that insoluble fiber does nor dissolve in water, it’s spongy and absorbs many times its own weight of liquid so this makes the stool heavier and speeds up the process in relieving constipation.
Oats can be used as a scrub and a mask. It helps to make your skin smooth and soft. It’s also good to do oatmeal baths especially if you have itchy dry skin/eczema. You can read more about eczema Here
My fav oats to use is Quaker oats and I love to use it in my smoothies and making oatmeal
Do you use oats in your home.
Do you like it?
I hope you found this post informative .


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