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Yendi Phillips

We all know and love Yendi Phillips. She is a role model to many whole others admire her. Here’s a bit about Yendi for those who don’t know her. She’s a Jamaican TV Host, model, ambassador and an amazing mother.

Speaking of beauty queens she was the winner of Miss Jamaica World 2007 beauty pageant as well as Miss Jamaica Universe 2010. She went on to represent Jamaica at Miss World 2007 which was held in China. She also went and represented Jamaica at Miss Universe 2010 which was held in Las Vegas. I must say she made us proud at both events.

If you follow her on Instagram and keep up with her you will notice how amazing she is with her daughter. The bond they have is wonderful. One video that stood out was when she went away for work. She came home and went to look for her daughter at school, the reaction she gave when she saw her mom was simply wow.

Yendi Phillips Feature

Have you ever herd or seen an Instagram page on insta on odysseybyyendi. She is the owner of that page. On her page she sells merchandise and yes she has a website I will be sure to leave the link. Yendi Phillips sells kids apparel, women apparel, accessories, mugs and footwear. Head on over and check it out. As promised here is the link to Yendi’s page Odyssey By Yendi. Support! Support!. What are you waiting for?.

I must say I admire her and she’s an inspiration to not only me but I know she’s an inspiration to many. Continue working hard and inspiring others Yendi!. Thank you for showing others that no matter what they can do it and they can reach any goal or dream that they have.


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