Feature Sunday ft Tanya Ambrose

Feature Sunday

Welcome to the first Feature Sunday where I’ll be featuring Tanya Ambrose from all about the scrub life. Her blog is a lifestyle blog on health and also sharing experiences and even recipes. Monthly she features nurses and she is also a registered nurse who works in pediatrics.

Currently she is pursuing a public health degree and I must say I’m so proud of her and her progress. I’m proud of how much she has grown over the time I’ve known her and also continually working in her blog. Tanya even stared her own shop where she sells nurse related t shirts and mugs.

Did I mention she’s an island girl born in England and living in the states. During the holidays she gave back to her island of Antigua. Tanya donated items to the Pediatric intensive care unit at the hospital in Antigua which I just say was a huge success. She had a plan and she executed it. Keep striving for greatness Tanya and continue making your family and friends proud. I must say Tanya is not only a blogger but a friend to me a motivator and an encourager.

I’ll be sure to link her socials down below so you can check her out and follow her.




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