Feature Sunday ft Shaneice Crystal/Natural Neiicey

Shaneice Crystal/Natural Neiicey

Shaneice Crystal/Natural Neiicey will be today’s Feature Sundays. She is a you tuber and influencer. Neiicey graduated from university in June 2014. Instead of heading into her career of being a social worker or going to grad school. She took the risk with her now channel ‘Natural Neiicey‘ and now she is a full time content creator.

On her channel she discusses anything beauty, fashion, travel, hair and lifestyle. I must say her hair is lifeee. Shaneice’s videos are always bomb. I sometimes fall off the wagon but when i do catch up with her videos i’ll sometimes watch more than 5 videos at a time. Neiicey also started her new channel ‘Being Neiicey‘ where she shares vlogs of her life with family, friends and her boyfriend.

Shaneice Crystal/Natural Neiicey

Not only does she do you tube, she also created herself a blog. She created her blog because she loves writing and on her blog she wanted to share with her audience about things she loves. I don’t know about you but i find her content helpful and her reviews are always honest. Have you ever watched her channel before?. If not what are you waiting for?. Check out her channel and show her some love and subscribe if you haven’t.

As a blogger and small you tuber myself I believe in supporting others in anyway I can. My way is doing Feature Sunday on bloggers , you tubers, influencers entrepreneurs, business and more. Stay tuned for more feature Sundays. Share with your friends and family.

Before I go I’ll leave with you her blog link Shaneice Crystal/Natural Neiicey. And a link to her Instagram. Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.

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