Everyday Habits that Can Harm & Damage Your Skin

Habits that Can Harm & Damage Your Skin

Habits that Can Harm & Damage Your Skin. With all the beauty fad going on, it’s almost impossible to try everything at once. This is why many people get lost in the process as they follow and try those themselves. The sad truth is, most of you would accept these without even making an effort to verify if it’s okay or not. As a result, some of them end up ruining their skin rather than getting what they wanted.

That’s why to save you from further harming your skin, here’s a list of things that can be damaging to yours. Take time to read them for you to be guided accordingly. 

 Habits that Can Harm & Damage Your Skin

Lemon Juice as Cleanser

Going all natural is quite the fad nowadays. Among those things is the rise of lemon juice as toner or cleanser. While it does works as an effective disinfecting agent, applying it directly on the skin can be harmful. Throughout use, lemon juice can cause dryness, rashes and irritation on the skin. While dermatologists do approve it, they would usually recommend a way to dilute its pH level.

The All-Natural & Organic Fallacy

The use of herbal products for the skin highly recommended by experts. It has been proven to be beneficial and healthy on the skin. The problem is, there’s too many of them taking the “all-natural” or “organic” claim. It’s easy to get swayed by these, especially if you’re not keen enough. This is why it’s best that you read the ingredients and label. You’ll be surprised to know that even the big brands fail to comply on this “all-natural” claim. 

Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Skin

Keeping the Oil Away

For people who have oily skin, they think getting rid of oil entirely is the best way to go. Unfortunately, this notion is wrong in so many ways. Since your face needs certain types of oils, removing them all can make your skin dry and unhealthy. So it’s not recommended that you avoid oil. It’s more on removing the excess and supplying the skin with the right oil and nutrients. This is to maintain the moisture and natural glow of your face.

Chemical vs Physical Exfoliation

 Habits that Can Harm & Damage Your Skin

Nowadays, people have become fearful of the term “chemical.” Many of them are assuming that if a product uses chemical, then it’s bad for them. Whereas, physical exfoliation is always the better option. This is, not true at all. Chemical peeling tends to have a gentler and milder effect. Since you’re physically scraping or scrubbing the dry skin off your face, it may leave visible marks. Chemical exfoliants are formulated to be gentler and kinder on the skin, so there’s less pain. Remember, it’s about making the right choice and knowing what your skin needs.

Try to rethink your skin care habits by keeping this information in mind. May these things help you come up with the best possible routine that is suitable for your skin. This is to save yourself from damaging your skin. One more thing, don’t believe everything you see or read.  Before you try anything, it’s best to get the approval of your doctor.  

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