Dealing With Eczema/Tips
Dealing With Eczema/Tips.
A lot of people out there suffer from eczema some more severe than others. Sometimes for some people it can be embarrassing because people look at you like you have a disease which can be very uncomfortable. Today i will try my best to give pointers on how to deal with it and things you can use.

When you have eczema firstly you need to cut down on the dairy products. Dairy aids in making eczema worst so cut down on your consumption of dairy. Have more fruits and vegetables and instead of using milk in your shakes. You can use coconut milk, almond milk or even use the coffee mate in french vanilla. I have used the coffee mate and it works great for me also you can use honey.

Having a lot of sweets too can help in the flare up of eczema. So instead of having a lot of sweets incorporate other snacks and drinks in your diet. Its really good to do the fruit infused water also with lemon in it helps to cleans the body and clear your system
Try not to itch your skin either because your making things worst and may sometimes leave scarring.
Most people with eczema has dry skin. moisturizing should be your best friend when you have eczema and try to always keep your skin moisturized.
Some of the best brands to use is AVEENO , DOVE, NIVEA, CETAPHIL
Having oatmeal baths is very good in calming down your eczema.
Doing a scrub two to three times for the week is good also. With dry skin its not good to use lemon juice but if you wish to use it i suggest adding an oil to the mixture of your sugar scrub whether it be olive oil coconut oil almond oil or which ever oil you prefer.

Salt scrubs are good to use also so a mixture of salt and your favorite oil works well also.

Coconut oil is also good for eczema and calming down flare ups and helps in sending away redness and irritation.



If you wish to use more natural brands in your routine these are also good brands to use. i have ever really used these brands but i hear good results and recommendations about them. These are the two i mostly hear about.

I know sometimes you want to smell nice and sweet but sometimes with eczema you cant really use scented products some of what i have recommended have scents and wont irritate the skin. So you can keep your eczema calm while still smelling great.
I also recommend keeping hydro-cortisone cream on hand. 
I have not covered everything just doing a brief post  so if you have any questions that need answering leave a comment and i will reply to you asap. 
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