Dalton Harris 2018 X Factor Uk Winner

Dalton Harris

Congrats Dalton Harris on winning!!. You deserve it and we are all proud of you. You achieved your goal of winning rising star and now here you are winning the X factor Uk. I know it is a great achievement for you and a major goal achieved.

Keep striving and working hard and continue achieving those goals. You pushed through despite everything that has been going on. And for that I commend you. You are strong and a motivator to others so continue doing you.

In everything you do people are gonna talk some will have good to say while some will do anything and everything to bring you down. But guess what their words and all everyone had to say didn’t deter you from winning. What’s yours will always be yours no matter how people try to bring you down.

Dalton Harris

Continue holding your head high and making your dreams come through. And continue being humble because being humble is what will continue to bring your through everything. There is more success around the corner so go for it and continue to grab onto those dreams and achieving them.

Despite all that was happening you continued working hard, you continued campaigning and look you won!!. Yesssssss you rose to the top despite it all. Yesss Dalton yessss!. Remember this, you don’t need to explain yourself to others you know yourself and God knows your heart. What others have to say doesn’t matter because at the end of the day you know yourself and your just on trying to achieve your dreams.


You did it!!. Keep achieving this win goals and dreams because the best is yet to come. As the saying says “ Hunble calf suck the most milk”  so keep being humble and be happy.

Again congrats Dalton Harris!!. See you in the next post loves. Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.


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