Cloggy’s On The Beach | Black River Jamaica

Cloggy's On The Beach

Hey loves how’s it going. Today i’ll be talking about one of the best places to get fish is St Elizabeth Jamaica Cloggy’s On The Beach. I’ve been there quite a few times. But never thought to do a review until now.

First of all as the name states Cloggys On The Beach, yes it’s by the beach side. The view is so beautiful especially when the sun is setting.

One of the first things I look at when I go to somewhere to eat is the cleanliness of the place and I must say every time I go there the place is clean and tidy and welcoming.

Cloggy's On The Beach

Cloggy's On The Beach

Cloggy's On The Beach

The staff is friendly, helpful, kind and patient. The chef even comes around and checks on you and also helps to serve the food too.

Cloggy's On The Beach

Not to mention the food is amazing and you do get your money’s worth. It’s well prepared and with every bite you take you just want more. I’ve never been disappointed with their food every time I go there to me it gets better and better. The overall customer service is great plus the amazing view and see breeze touching your skin. Overall I love the whole ambiance of the place.

The only con is if the rain is falling you can’t really stay outdoors especially if the breeze is blowing you’ll get a bit wet under the gazebo. Otherwise the place is lovely airy and just a great environment. Whenever you’re in Black River Jamaica. Head on down to Cloggy’s On The Beach.

I tried posting the videos that we  made but they aren’t uploading, i’ll try to post them on insta. Also follow Cloggy’s Instagram. It was an amazing evening with family and friends. Time spent with family is truly amazing and wonderful. Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.

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