Choosing the Lipstick That’s Right for You

Choosing the Lipstick That’s Right for You

Choosing the Lipstick That’s Right for You. Most women have bought a lip color at some point that they thought was fine until they looked in the mirror at home. Then it has gone straight in the trash. And hopefully, they realize that there is no shade on this planet that will be right for everyone. There is skin tone to consider and the color of your hair. These two things alone can make a difference to how a certain shade looks on you, and that’s without any other makeup you might be wearing.

Makeup artists take different views of the ways to find the best lip color for you, and here are just a few of their suggestions.

Lip Balm First

Mai Quynh, makeup artist top several stars, says that you should always apply lip balm before any color. This will make your lips smoother and give a better finish, rather than if they are cracked and sore.

Skin Tones

John Stapleton, the senior MAC artist, says it is all down to your skin tone.  For fair skins, he says that nudes and corals are the best, with red if you are feeling really bold. You should steer clear of burgundy though as it will make you appear washed out.

Olive tones skins can wear any color they like but with dark skins, reds and corals are the best. For skin with yellow undertones opt for nudes and bronzes and for pink undertones, most colors look good except reds.  

Ethical Lip Colors

Regardless of which color they opt for, there are many people who will only buy cruelty free lipstick. They want to be certain that the products have not been tested on animals before they purchase any. Makers have realized how popular this is becoming. There are whole ranges of colors and finishes for these lip colors now. Where just a few years ago the choice was very limited.

Mix Colors

The makeup artist Bobbi Brown thinks it is a mistake to rely on one color alone as part of your beauty regime.  Bobbi suggests that by mixing colors together on the back of your hand with a lip brush can produce new and exciting tones that you will not be able to buy anywhere. This is the key to having fun with your makeup, as you can do the same with eye colors and anything else you use of your face. The colors you produce will be unique and reflect your personality.

Brown Lipsticks

According to makeup artists Matin Maulawizada and Pati Dubroff, only really pale or really dark girls use brown shades of lip colors. They both think they are suitable for most skin tones, as long as you choose the right one. Olive skinned people should use ones with a hint of caramel and dark-skinned women should opt for chocolate tones.  Peachy browns are ideal for fair skinned people. They say the trick is to always use a tone that is a shade or two darker than your skin.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to find the lip color for you, but if not at least you will have fun trying.

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