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    Holiday Wishlist

    Hey guys!!! Hows the weekend going, today i want to share with you my holiday wishlist. Whats on your holiday wishlist? What are wishes other than physical things that you would want for the holidays!!

    Lets get on to the post

    I know I might not get anything on my list but a girl can wish right?! I do hope I will get at least one thing from my list!! I hope you like whats on my wishlist guys.

    I love neutral colours so this palette would be perfect for me and they are all matte too because i’m not really a fan of glitter shadows

    I love perfume and I herd the +glamtwinz334 raving about this perfume they are one of my fav youtube chanels to watch and anything they recommend is always the bomb so they made me really want this perfume.

    I am an oily girl and anything that will keep my oil at bay I want it it was also the +glamtwinz334 who talked about this powder that its their ride or die powder and they swear by it and i have been always wanting to try it so its on my list

    I want to have better quality photos and also I want to start doing fashion posts so this camera is at the top of my list i am so wishing to get this camera. It would mean the world to me if i got it because this would mean i can do more on my blog!! for me this would be a starter until i can maybe get a dslr camera from canon, getting this is a dream to take my blog forward.

    I have struggled with acne since I started my 20s and I hear everyone raving that this has helped their skin, my routine does work and I have gotten rid of my acne mostly just a  pimple here and there and a few dark spots to get rid of so if this can help me get rid of it even more and clean my pores better bring right here!!

    I have been wanting to get this cleanser since it came on the market but i can never find it here in my country, i love my cetaphil cleanser but for right now i want to try something new.

    I never really try new face masks I have been using the same face mask for years on top of years and from time to time i make my own so this is actually me wanting to try something new And I alwsys love trying brands that are more on the natural side
    Do you like any products from my wishlist? Are any of these products on your wishlist?