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    Lies Never Last Forever-Truth Always Comes Out

    Lies Never Last Forever

    Lies Never Last Forever. One way or another the truth always comes out. Sometimes I wonder how do people sit and lie to you just like that so naturally. Do they actually practice it before hand or they are just natural liars. Yes it does come from genes but does it have to be that way.

    Lying to the people you love is never a good route or option. It may take days, weeks, months and even years but your lies will be found out one way or another. I always hear people say I lied because i didn’t want to hurt him or her. Doesn’t it add up to the same thing in the long run. It hurts the same and maybe even worst. Wasn’t the best option to be truthful in the first place.

    You may think your protecting someone you love by lying but the truth is you are causing them more hurt in the long run. Why stay in a relationship if you are gonna always have to be lying.  If you are confronted by your partner, friend or family member about something, it’s better you tell the truth than lying. Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.

    Trust is like an eraser once its gone you can never get it back and even if you do, it will never be the same. Never betray someones trust by lying to them. The truth may hurt and it may even burn and give a reaction you would never expect. The truth may hurt for a while but the lies will last forever so make the right choice.

    Keeping secrets and lying in your relationship is never the answer. Those secrets and lies will catch up to you one day. You may think one lie won’t hurt but one lie can destroy your entire life. It can drive your life into the ground. It can drive your relationship or marriage in the ground. Secrets and Lies Never Last Forever the one lie can let all your truths be questionable. Whether or not you were ever telling the truth.

    No one deserve to being lied to. I implore you to never lie to the ones you love. It is better you fester up the courage and tell the truth. Let them decide whether or not the situation is forgivable or unforgivable. Never use lying as your option or your way out of a situation because it never pays and Lies Never Last Forever. When you may think it’s all peace and safety it will creep up and destroy you when least expect it.

    Before I go I leave you with something to think about. The worst lie you can ever tell is lying to yourself.